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  • Not Just for Geeks: Let Technology Be Your Guide / Ida A. Joiner, MLIS [Recording]  [PowerPoint | PDF]

    Description: Devices here… devices there… smart devices everywhere! Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Smart Robots, Driverless Vehicles, Wearable Technology. If you are a gadget king or queen or just love learning about new technology, join us for an exciting stroll through technology land where we will examine some of these popular technologies in the news today. In this presentation, we will explore fun and creative ways that libraries are leveraging some of the latest, greatest, popular technology to provide outreach to the people they serve!

    Presenter: Ida A. Joiner, MLIS, Technology Coordinator, National Network of Libraries of Medicine Middle Atlantic Region (MAR)
  • Mobile Technologies in Libraries: Changing the Way We Work / January 21, 2016 [Recording]

    Description: The use of mobile technology in libraries to enhance resources and services is a growing trend. People all over the world are already using mobile technology in their personal lives to find information, communicate with friends and family, shop, and keep track of daily appointments. Mobile technology allows people to look up information anytime, anywhere at the point of need, whether for work or personal needs. Librarians have been experimenting with making library resources accessible on mobile devices as well as providing services through the use of mobile technology in the library for several years now. In this presentation, we will explore some of the ways that libraries are leveraging mobile technology to change the way librarians work and to communicate with the people we serve.

    Presenter: Ann Whitney Gleason, Interim Associate Director for Liaison Services & Administration, University of Washington, Health Sciences Library
  • Wearable Technology: If the Tech Fits, Wear It / October 28, 2015

    Description: "Wearable technology" and "wearable devices" are phrases that describe electronics and computers that are integrated into clothing and other accessories that can be worn comfortably on the body. Examples of wearable devices include glasses, watches, headbands, and jewelry. While these technologies show great influence in fashion and entertainment, they have the largest impact in the areas of health, medicine, and fitness. Librarians are also exploring wearable technology's potential for enhancing services and expanding outreach to their organizations.

    Presenters: Robin Wright, Assistant Professor, Health and Human Services Librarian, Lehman College, City University of New York and Latrina Keith, Head of Resources Management, Albert Einstein College of Medicine