Lunch with the RML Archives

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  • Let's get ready for funding! / Thursday, July 28 / 12-1PM ET [Recording]
    Presenters: Yini Zhu, Rutgers University / Laraine Tursi, Coney Island Hospital / Sherry Morgan and Barbara Cavanaugh, University of Pennsylvania / Christina Pope, SUNY
    Description: In preparation for MAR funding opportunities planned to be announced in the next few days, MAR’s  Lunch with the RML monthly webinar series will kick off on July 28 by highlighting 4 very different types of outreach from last year’s funding.  We hope these creative, successful projects will spur ideas for you to apply for a project this year!
    Yini Zhu, Rutgers University, George F. Smith Library of the Health Sciences will showcase this powerful project done with a $3,000 Health Information Awareness Award!  Spreading Health Awareness with Resources and Education (SHARE) program was a successful outreach effort that increased awareness of NLM’s consumer health information resources while promoting the libraries’ resources and services to the Rutgers University and University Hospital community.
    Laraine Tursi,  Coney Island Hospital, Harold Fink Memorial Library will highlight her Smartboard Interactive Display project which emphasizes an innovative approach for a hospital librarian to partner with her Medical Education Committee and Research Department to promote evidence based resources throughout the institution.
    Sherry Morgan and Barbara Cavanaugh, University of Pennsylvania Biomedical Library will present the Philadelphia Free Library and University of Pennsylvania Consumer Health Education Partnership which emphasizes a unique approach, for health sciences librarians to partner with their school of nursing and local public libraries to introduce NLM resources and offer health programs to consumers.  
    Christina Pope, SUNY Upstate Health Sciences Library, will represent the Pet First Aid (aka Healthy Pet Project), which represents creative ways to incorporate NLM resources into education and outreach events by partnering with public libraries and veterinarians to develop a project that has  raised awareness throughout the state of NY and has gone on to receive outside funding support.
  • NIH Syndicated Content / March 29, 2016 / Noon - 1:00 pm ET [Recording] | Presentation (PowerPoint)
    Presenters: Brooke Dine, Head, Web & Information Management Unit Public Services Division National Library of Medicine and Elizabeth Norton, Disaster Information Management Research Center Specialized Information Services Division National Library of Medicine.
    Description: NIH offers a free and easy way for you to get trusted, up-to-date health information from the National Institutes of Health directly onto your website.  You do not need to write your own health content or worry about updating web pages. NIH content will populate on your web page with your website’s existing look and feel. Join us to learn how!

  • New and Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities from MAR / January 28, 2016 / Noon - 1:00 pm ET [Recording]
    Presenters: Michelle Burda, Network and Advocacy Coordinator; Lydia Collins, Consumer Health Coordinator; Kate Flewelling, Outreach Coordinator; Ida Joiner, Technology Coordinator
    Description: Join MAR Coordinators to explore and learn about professional development opportunities in 2016. Updated and new classes will be showcased with a chance for you to ask questions about the classes we offer.

  • Awardee Project Reports / October 29, 2015 [Recording]

    Project: Teaching and Enabling Saint Francis University Senior Nursing Students to Deliver Patient Education
    Awardee: Library & Learning Commons, Saint Francis University, Loretto, PA
    Description: This outreach award was written to develop and deliver a pilot Information Literacy curriculum component for nursing students utilizing mobile technology that addresses the use and evaluation of resources for evidence based practice in patient education to residents in the local community. Our expected outcomes were two fold, one, enable students to deliver evidence based patient education to residents in the local community using mobile technology and two, revise the NURS 405 Care of Human Communities syllabus/course map to show progression in instruction of Information Literacy within the nursing department.

    Project: Collaboration: A Simple Recipe for Improving Research Productivity in the Community Teaching Hospital
    Awardee: Staten Island University Hospital Medical Library
    Description: This project has demonstrated a successful collaboration between the Medical Library and Department of Research within a community based teaching hospital. The teamwork has improved access to research tools for Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH) residents, fellows, faculty, and other hospital staff while allowing researchers to gain new skills essential for performing quality scholarly activities.

    Project: Cooking for Good Health and Happiness
    Awardee: Laurel Public Library
    Description: This interactive program will introduce older adults to healthy cooking techniques and free online health information resources. Targeting people with obesity, diabetes and other weight-management concerns, a series of three, two-hour sessions will begin with a demonstration of how to prepare at least two recipes for healthy weight loss. A certified chef will show how to use nutritious ingredients and low-fat, low-sodium cooking techniques. Each session will conclude with a thirty-minute computer-based demonstration of how to find reliable health information online, focusing on what is available through MedlinePlus

  • Award Project Reports / September 24, 2015 [Recording]

    Project: iPads to support CLIP Consumer Health Ambassador Program
    Awardee: Atlantic Health System Overlook Medical Center, Summit, NJ.
    Description: The Atlantic Health System (AHS) will provide iPads for the Ambassadors who visit inpatients’ bedsides. We wish to extend our Consumer Library Information Prescription (CLIP) program to the inpatient population at the Morristown Medical Center and Overlook Medical Center campuses. In doing so, ambassadors will use iPads to take notes and send requests for patient information directly to the librarian. The librarian will prepare a packet of information for delivery back to the patient.

    Project: NOOKs and iPads for Healthcare Consumers
    Awardee: Myra Mahon Patient Resource Center, Weill Medical College, Cornell University New York, NY.
    Description: The Myra Mahon Patient Resource Center (PRC) at the Joan & Sanford I. Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University (WCMC) develops and implements initiatives designed to engage and educate patients of varying ages and ethnicities with a variety of health conditions in support of making healthcare decisions. Funding will support the PRC to further its mission of providing patients with information and educational resources by using electronic tablets to expand patients’ information access. The PRC also seeks support to purchase, format, and load digital content onto tablets including the PRC’s Health Seminar Series and educational materials related for the new “information prescription” (Info Rx) program. These technologies will enable the PRC to deliver patient-centered resources in ways that are both effective and novel.

    Project: Redesign of East Brunswick Public Library’s Just for the Health of It Community-Wide Health Portal
    Awardee: East Brunswick Public Library, East Brunswick, NJ.
    Description: The East Brunswick Public Library created the Just for the Health of It community-wide health portal in 2011 (, as the cornerstone of the library’s health literacy initiative to encourage healthy living for the residents of our diverse, multicultural community. The portal is focused on delivering trustworthy health and wellness information to our residents with a local focus. Since launching in spring 2011, the portal has outgrown its original, custom content management system (CMS) design and would be better served by an open source platform that is dynamic, technically relevant, and responsive to how people use information today. This project will redesign the East Brunswick Public Library’s “Just for the Health of It” community-wide health portal into a flexible, open source platform that would allow librarians to easily maintain and update the site, adding content in a much more timely fashion. In addition, an open source platform will facilitate the addition of web pages for children, teens and caretakers, and empower the site to offer mobile access to meet the expectations of today’s users.

  • Awardee Project Reports / August 27, 2015 [Recording]

    Project: Enhancing Access to Mental Health Information for Health Professionals in Northeastern Pennsylvania
    Awardee: The Commonwealth Medical College, Scranton, PA
    Description: Though this outreach award, The Commonwealth Medical College (TCMC) reached healthcare professionals in Northeastern Pennsylvania via regional training sessions; a mental health symposium; and the development of a mental health libguide. Goals accomplished included: improving access to high quality mental health information for health professionals without access to a medical librarian; increased awareness about the resources and services of the National Library of Medicine; and improved access to mental health information.

    Project: Integration of the Free Library of Philadelphia as Public Health Preparedness and Response Partner: 2
    Awardee: Philadelphia Department of Public Health, Bioterrorism & Public Health Preparedness Program, Philadelphia, PA
    Description: This project integrated the Free Library of Philadelphia (FLP) as a Public Health Preparedness and Response Partner of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH). Library staff received training in emergency preparedness, infectious diseases, universal precautions, NLM resources, and Dispense Assist (a Web-based system for printing head-of-household forms for emergencies requiring mass medication or vaccination of the public).

  • Awardee Project Reports / July 30, 2015 [Recording]

    Project: Emerging Roles for Historical Medical Libraries: Value in the Digital Age
    Awardee: Michelle DiMeo, formerly from The College of Physicians of Philadelphia and now at the Chemical Heritage Foundation
    Description: Historical Medical Library of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia held a conference titled Emerging Roles for Historical Medical Libraries: Value in the Digital Age as part of its 225th anniversary celebration. This conference helped to identify the emerging roles for medical history libraries and librarians in the digital age and helped them to strengthen their involvement within their institutions and the greater community.

    Project: Archival Images Digitization: Telling the Penn State Hershey Story
    Awardee: David Brennan: George T. Harrell Health Sciences Library, Pennsylvania State University, Penn State College of Medicine
    Description: This project digitized and made accessible the collection of visual media held by the George T. Harrell Health Sciences Library. The collection consists of approximately 3,200 35mm slides and negatives and 2,900 photographic images, covering subject areas related to the history of the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and the Penn State College of Medicine since their inception. These collections are frequently used in support of public relations and historical documentation efforts by various units of the Medical Center, the College and Penn State University, most recently for the 40th anniversary documentary Memories and Milestones. The project applied appropriate metadata to the image collection and made a resulting repository available on the University’s ContentDM platform for use by researchers and others.

    Project: Bridging the Gap II: Outreach to Improve Public Awareness and Access to Health Information
    Awardee: Ophelia Morey, University at Buffalo, Health Sciences Library
    Description: This project informed the target population about health information available from the partnership between the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library (B&ECPL) and the University at Buffalo Health Sciences Library (UB HSL), including increasing awareness about resources and services of the National Library of Medicine. Because of the lack of consumer health information programming at most B&ECPL locations this project targeted primarily B&ECPL adult library patrons including seniors who visit urban, suburban and rural library locations, in addition to health-related professionals who may serve these areas.

  • Awardee Project Reports / June 25, 2015 [Recording]

    Project: An Assessment of Health Information Needs of Critical Access Hospitals in Pennsylvania and New York
    Awardee: Madhu Reddy, The Pennsylvania State University, College of Information Sciences and Technology, University Park, PA
    Description: While health information technology (HIT) has the potential to improve access to information, reduce medical errors, lower costs, and improve patient care, many hospitals---especially Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) ---cannot afford the costs associated with infrastructure development and maintenance. Consequently, more needs to be learned about the health information needs of clinicians working at CAHs. In this project, an online assessment of 24 CAHs in Pennsylvania and New York will be made to ascertain their HIT and health information needs. Project:

    Project: Waiting Room Education
    Awardee: Kristine N. Voos, Genesee County Health Department, Batavia, NY
    Description: The Genesee County Health Department (DOH) will encourage access to high quality health information by allowing county residents to interactively explore websites supported by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) through the use of computer tablets that will be available in the clinic waiting room area during public clinics and during several outreach opportunities. Promotion for the use of NN/LM-supported websites will occur at clinics, advertisements will be disbursed in Genesee County, through the use of the Time Warner Cable’s community calendar, Genesee County Health Department’s Facebook page, newspaper ads, flyers, and posters.

    Project: iPad Technology: Targeted Evolution of Embedded Librarian Services
    Awardee: Deborah Chiarella and Elizabeth Stellrecht, University at Buffalo Health Sciences Library, Buffalo, NY
    Description: The University at Buffalo Health Sciences Library (UBHSL) provides reference and instructional services to support the research, curricular and clinical programs of the Schools of Dental Medicine, Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Public Health and Health Professions as well as support for the New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences. The UBHSL will purchase seven iPads, two portable projectors and accompanying accessories to develop embedded research and promote educational services through the use of NLM products such as PubMed, MedlinePlus and other NCBI tools. The iPads will be used by the six library liaisons to provide point of care information in the clinical setting, embedded reference hours in academic and clinical departments, and off campus instruction. The seventh iPad will be used by the UBHSL information technology support personnel to provide technical information and support to the instructional team. By leveraging the portability and power of iPads in combination with the evidence based practice expertise of UBHSL liaisons, this project will allow the UBHSL to reach more students and faculty at the point of their educational need and provide them with instruction in quality information resources such as PubMed which will continue to meet their information needs upon graduation and continuation in their profession. Funding will allow us to effectively transform evidence based practice and information literacy education, and consequently meet our overarching goal--to educate and produce a healthcare workforce equipped to discover, evaluate and synthesize health information.

  • Awardee Project Reports / May 28, 2015 [Recording]

    Project: Sustained Science Outreach – A Program for Low Income, Underserved Youth
    Awardee: Judy Cameron, Ph.D. Professor of Psychiatry/Director of Science Outreach, University of Pittsburgh
    Description: The YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh and the Pitt Science Outreach program offered a new 6-week program called Sustained Science Outreach. The program was designed to interest youth from low income, underserved areas in learning about science and healthy lifestyle choices and be equipped to share this information with their parents, families, and others in their community. This program targeted youth in 4th-6th grade, a time where exposure to science has been shown to have a lifelong impact on youth attitudes toward science. The participating Y’s were located within 5 historically underserved communities.

    Project: Understanding the Psychiatric Issues of Dementia
    Awardee: Rebecca May-Cole, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Behavioral Health and Aging Coalition, Inc. (PBHAC)
    Description: The Pennsylvania Behavioral Health and Aging Coalition (PBHAC), a statewide alliance of individuals and organizations concerned about the unmet behavioral health (i.e. mental health and substance use disorder) needs of older adults across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, provides advocacy, assistance, education, resolution, and collaboration, as well as identifying gaps in the behavioral health and aging service systems and collecting data. Our staff and Board of Directors are proud to propose a one-day training seminar "Understanding the Psychiatric Issues of Dementia." This program will be a statewide opportunity for mental health providers; such as psychologists, family therapists, psychiatric nurses, and social workers; as well as other individuals who work with older adults such as directors of Area Agencies on Aging, aging care managers, service coordinators, and others; to understand the psychiatric issues that can occur when an individual has a dementia diagnosis. We plan to hold the “Understanding the Psychiatric Issues of Dementia” seminar in November of 2014 to coincide with National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness month.

    Project: Mobile Technology in a Community Teaching Hospital Library: Tablets and E-books
    Awardee: Patricia Reusing, Director, Health Sciences Library, Saint Barnabas Medical Center
    Description: The primary goal of this project was to enhance the hospital staff’s knowledge of health and medical conditions by placing selected applications (“apps”) and ebooks on different types of tablet devices (iPad, iPad Mini, and Samsung Galaxy). During the course of the project, our Medical Library’s two librarians held numerous demonstrations throughout the hospital at which staff and members of the community (patients, visitors) could try out the tablets and look at the various apps and ebooks loaded on them. As medical librarians, we also learned a lot about tablets and the available content for them for our own understanding and to share our knowledge with our library users.