Boost Box Schedule

When: Held 2nd Tuesday of each month / Noon - 1 pm / Archives


  • MAR now offers 1 MLA Continuing Education (CE) credit per Boost Box session
  • Details are provided at the end of each session

  • Velcro Instruction: 7 Techniques to Make Learning Stick / Rescheduled for May 26, 2015

    Presenters: Rebecca Abromitis and Linda Hartman, Reference Librarians, Health Sciences Library System, University of Pittsburgh

    Description: Students are only human. All humans have short attention spans (8-10 minutes). This session, intended for instructors, introduces 7 easy-to-apply, research-based techniques that will help your students stay focused during class lectures and increase the “sticky-ness” of your content.

  • Directory of History of Medicine Collections (DHMC): A Valuable Resource / June 9, 2015

    Presenter: Crystal Smith, Reference Librarian, Rare Books and Early Manuscripts, National Library of Medicine

    Description: In this presentation participants will be introduced to the Directory of History of Medicine Collections as a resource.  It will cover the history of its creation, background of the project, and show its evolution from a primarily print resource, to a fully searchable database. An introduction to searching the DHMC database will also be included.

    The presentation will reveal the benefits to prospective collections that decide to join the DHMC e.g., libraries, museums and archives that hold materials on the history of medicine.   Also presented will be strategies on how to approach collections when extending invitations to join this very helpful resource.