Boost Box Schedule

When: Held 2nd Tuesday of each month / Noon - 1 pm / Archives

  • MAR now offers 1 MLA Continuing Education (CE) credit per Boost Box session
  • Details are provided at the end of each session

search.bioPreprint: a discovery tool for cutting edge, preprint biomedical research articles / July 26, 2016, 12pm ET / Register

Presenter: Carrie Iwema PhD, MLS, AHIP, Information Specialist in Molecular Biology, Health Sciences Library System ~ University of Pittsburgh

Description: Article publication delay can prevent the timely dissemination of critical data associated with health concerns (e.g., Zika virus).  Preprint articles enable researchers to make their findings immediately available, allowing the opportunity for scientific dialogue and immediate action.  The University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library System created a resource to locate biomedical research published as preprints, as they are not typically indexed and only discoverable by directly searching specific preprint server websites. This Boost Box session will introduce search.bioPreprint and quickly show how easily it can be used for literature searches and systematic reviews to locate articles that may otherwise fall through the cracks.

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