Regional Characteristics

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The Middle Atlantic Region (MAR) consists of the smallest number of states but is the most densely populated of all of the NN/LM regions. The Middle Atlantic region is defined as that area east of the Appalachian Mountains from New York south to Delaware, incorporating important waterways (including the Hudson and Delaware Rivers) and urban areas (New York, Philadelphia, Newark, Pittsburgh) along the way.

The state pages are designed to support NN/LM-related outreach by librarians, researchers, and health care intermediaries. The scope of the content flows from the NN/LM mission and from the MAR goal of improving health information services to rural and underserved populations as well as to public libraries and public health organizations. The resources offered here do not necessarily represent a complete picture of each state nor of the region. Instead, we provide a "snapshot" of each state in order to fulfill the purpose outlined above.

In addition to this introductory page, four web pages are available: one for each of the states in the MAR region (Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania). Each state page provides a description and map, along with selected links that describe the organization, populations and health status of the state.