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New Funding Opportunities from NN/LM MAR

Renae BargerMAR Highlights

Renae Barger, Executive Director

Each year MAR offers a variety of funding opportunities for medical, public and school libraries, information centers, and organizations providing health information services.  Such funding supports projects designed to improve health information services; increase awareness and access to biomedical information for health professionals; and educate and empower health care consumers.  Funding is an excellent way to get support for a new service or project and get recognition within your institution or community.

This year MAR is offering seven types of awards.  These awards support projects taking place May 1, 2013 – April 30, 2014.

Exhibitor Awards (up to $1,500) to promote the products and services of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) by exhibiting at meetings or conferences attended by health professionals, community organizations, faith-based organizations or other health care consumer groups.

Professional Development Awards (up to $1,500) to expand professional knowledge and experience in providing improved health information access and/or services to health professionals and health care consumers.

Instruction Awards (up to $1,500) to offer continuing education courses, or other health information or technology-related classes directed toward librarians, health professionals or health care consumers.

Medical Library Project Awards (up to $15,000) to strengthen the involvement of medical librarians within their institution and/or community.

Outreach to Consumers Awards (up to $15,000) to improve health information literacy and educate health care consumers on accessing and evaluating health information, emphasizing databases developed by the National Library of Medicine.

Outreach to Health Professionals Awards (up to $15,000) to improve access and use of quality online health information resources by health professionals, emphasizing databases developed by the National Library of Medicine.

Technology Improvement Awards (up to $10,000) to enhance the capacity of a library or organization to offer electronic health information services.

MAR staff is available to discuss your project ideas and provide consultation on bringing your ideas to fruition.  MAR offers a Grants and Proposal Writing class designed for beginning proposal writers.

Other resources to get you started include:

  • Proposal Writing Short Course:  A resource from the Foundation Center, describing how to prepare the various components of a funding proposal.
  • Proposal Budgeting Basics:  A resource from the Foundation Center providing the basics of developing a project budget, including overhead costs, employee fringe benefits, and links to sample budget templates.

Applications are being accepted until March 15, 2013.  Questions?  Don’t hesitate to contact us at


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