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Regional Member Services

Along with the numerous services offered nationally through NNLM, in support of the NLM's mission to improve access to biomedical health information, the Middle Atlantic Region also offers these 3 services in partnership with the Health Sciences Library System at the University of Pittsburgh, and the Health Sciences Library Association of New Jersey.

NNLM Delivery

NNLM Delivery is a free document delivery, storage and retrieval service supported by NNLM MAR, and available to all NNLM Members. It enables users to upload and temporarily store files, and send a link to ILL articles rather than emailing large attachments. NNLM Delivery can also be used to support local electronic document delivery. Patrons have access to articles delivered through NNLM Delivery for three weeks. This platform was upgraded in 2019 - the previous version, MARDelivery, was discontinued on November 1, 2019.

Requirements for use:

  1. Affiliation with an active NNLM Member Organization. Not sure if your institution is a member? Search for them in the NNLM Members Directory. If your institution is not a NNLM Member, join the network today! Membership is free and it takes less than 5 minutes to fill out an application.
    • An active Member is an organization with an up-to-date membership record. Not sure if your membership if active? Ask your NNLM Liaison or contact your Regional Medical Library.
  2. Create or use your existing NNLM Account.
    • Include your organization on your account - this lets us know you are affiliated with a Member organization!

See the NNLM Delivery Terms of Service, FAQs, and User Guide for more information on this service, or watch the recording from the August 2019 information session.

HSLANJ Group Licensing Initiative

The HSLANJ Group Licensing Initiative (GLI) researches, approves, and establishes relationships with vendors, negotiating all pricing and assisting members with licensing needs. The Network of the National Library of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region (MAR) Southeastern Atlantic Region (SE/A), and New England Region (NER) fully recognize and endorse the HSLANJ Group Licensing Initiative as the lead organization capable of assisting libraries in their efforts to utilize multi-dimensional electronic resources. The entire region served by the HSLANJ GLI encompasses 20 states plus Washington, D.C, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

By utilizing "group purchasing power," participants have access to a menu of electronic resources from which to choose. Offers are generally made available to participants every spring and fall, with hundreds of titles discounted according to the number of participants. Acquiring books, journals and databases electronically expands a medical facility's access and encourages wider usage of clinical resources. Resources are generally accessed via passwords or IP authentication with a hospital's computer system. Remote access to electronic resources is also possible.

For more information, or to become a GLI participant, please contact NNLM MAR.

Discounted Interlibrary Loan (ILL) for Hospital Libraries

The Health Sciences Library System (HSLS) at the University of Pittsburgh, with the encouragement of the Network of the National Library of Medicine Middle Atlantic Region (NNLM MAR), is inviting you to join them in a discounted ILL program. HSLS provides efficient and reliable service from strong collections to fill your loans. The goal of the program is to provide fast, cost-effective interlibrary loans to DE, NJ, NY and PA hospital libraries. With its strong collection that includes over 5,700 unique titles, prompt and efficient service with a turnaround time of 1-2 days, and proficient use of technology, the University of Pittsburgh is an ideal center to offer this discounted ILL program.

Who Can Participate?

Under this program, HSLS will provide document delivery services to hospital libraries for a discounted rate of $8.50 per article.  The program is limited to hospitals with under 500 beds within the Middle Atlantic Region (DE, NJ, NY and PA).

Participating libraries agree to the following:

  • Requests must be submitted via DOCLINE
  • Libraries must be willing to receive articles electronically through Odyssey or Web PDF
  • All libraries will be invoiced via EFTS. If you do not have an EFTS account, learn more by reading their About page.
  • Discounted rate does not apply to rush, urgent patient care or color copies
  • Libraries will comply with fair use guidelines and copyright law

Program Registration

Contact: Barbara May, Manager, Document Delivery, HSLS University of Pittsburgh
Email: bmay@pitt.edu
Phone: (412) 648-2037

Routing Table Details

Once registered, we recommend you place the LIBID: PAUPIT in a routing cell of its own, after any free groups

If your request cannot be filled for free first, it will then be routed on to the University of Pittsburgh (PAUPIT)

If they have the item, the request will be filled for a cost of $8.50