Outreach to Academic Libraries

Primary NN/LM MAR Contact: Elaina Vitale, Academic Coordinator / ejv@pitt.edu

NN/LM MAR focuses on outreach and issues of concern to academic libraries. These include libraries in community colleges, as well as institutions with and without medical schools, or any academic institution working with programs in a health sciences-related field.

Our focus includes:

  • Health sciences education and technology
  • Outreach to soldiers and veterans attending academic programs
  • Data management
  • Emergency preparedness in libraries
  • E-science
  • CTSA initiatives
  • Preservation of print collections

Services Available to Academic Libraries

NLM provides resources to help enrich your curriculum/program. Join our free membership network to take advantage of all that we have to offer.

Members are eligible to take advantage of services that include:

  • Exhibiting and presenting at your professional conference on free health information
  • Funding opportunities for technology improvement, programs in your institution, new roles, professional development, and other areas
  • Free monthly online webinars to boost your knowledge of NLM products or other health information topics, as well as to share experiences and ideas with MAR staff and Network members
  • LinkOut for Libraries / Veronica Robinson Garrett, April 2014 (Recording | PDF Presentation (PDF) | PowerPoint Presentation (PPT))

    Do you have questions about this service?  Veronica Robinson Garrett, a member of the NLM LinkOut team, provided this webinar to define LinkOut and discuss its services, the Library Submission Utility, and localizing PubMed.  She also shared the training and educational resources available for libraries.

  • Community College Libraries LibGuide with additional resources and more information
  • The Traveling Exhibition Program is available to member libraries to enhance awareness of and appreciation for the oustanding NLM collections
  • Information and support for your consumer health outreach in your library
  • Support for resource sharing and document delivery
  • MARDelivery is a free service to enable libraries to send links to ILL articles they lend, rather than emailing large attachments

Selected Resources from the National Library of Medicine

  • PubMed
    • A citation index for articles from medical and life science journals, including a tutorial for site navigation guidance
    • Provides links to PubMed Central (PMC), a free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at NIH/NLM
  • ClinicalTrials.gov
    • Regularly updated information about federally and privately supported clinical research in human volunteers
  • Information Rx Tool Kit
    • Provided by NLM and the American College of Physicians Foundation
    • Assists physicians in referring patients to MedlinePlus
  • NLM Drug Information Portal
    • A gateway to selected drug information from NLM and other key U.S. Government agencies
    • Enables searches using a drug’s tradename or generic name
  • Genetics Home Reference
    • NLM's consumer-friendly site for information about genetic conditions
    • Also focuses on the genes or chromosomes associated with those conditions, and the effects of genetic variations on human health
  • PubMed Health
    • Reviews of clinical trials, showing what treatments and prevention methods have been proven to work—and what remains unknown.
    • Provides summaries and full texts of selected systematic reviews in one place
  • Tox Town
    • A guide to commonly encountered toxic substances, including classroom materials
    • Also available in Spanish
  • Visible Human Project
    • A digital image library of volumetric data representing complete, normal adult male and female anatomy
    • Complete, anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representations of the normal male and female human bodies


  • MedPrint (Medical Serials Print Preservation Program)
    The National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) and the National Library of Medicine (NLM) are working to ensure the preservation of and continued access to the literature through a national cooperative medical serials print retention program (MedPrint)