Outreach to Libraries

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NN/LM MAR promotes the use and access to reliable health information by libraries and information centers in NY, NJ, PA and DE

NN/LM MAR supports and encourages libraries in the region to extend their services and expertise to groups, institutions, and individuals beyond their traditional reach. Our goal is to expand partnerships and implement activities with members and other organizations to improve awareness of, and access to health information resources for health professionals, the public health workforce, and members of the public.

Affordable Care Act Assistance

  • Comprehensive Affordable Care Act Guide: http://guides.nnlm.gov/mar_aca
    • Resources to assist with understanding ACA and support the general public with making informed decisions about their health care options
    • The guide will be continually updated with key resources
    • Includes state-specific information developed to better serve the needs of our 4-state region

Become a Network Member

  • Whether you work in an academic, hospital, school, or public library, join our free membership network to take advantage of all we have to offer
  • Membership is available to any library, information/resource center, or organization that is called upon for health information by its users

Outreach to Consumers and Health Professionals