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Special Advisory Groups

Special Advisory Groups

Special Advisory Groups (SAGs) guide MAR’s programming and outreach efforts to varied populations and are designed to achieve both geographical and professional diversity. SAGs for the 2016-2021 contract include:

  • Academic
  • Consumer Health
  • Health Sciences
  • Hospital Services
  • Health Professionals and Public Health Workers

SAG members unselfishly volunteer their time and expertise to enthusiastically endorse the NNLM mission. SAG members are active partners in the development, assessment and advancement of biomedical and health information programming throughout our region.

Specifically, SAG members:

  • Advise MAR staff on programs to improve health professionals’ and consumers’ awareness of and access to biomedical and health information resources, with an emphasis on NLM resources
  • Assist MAR staff in assessing health information needs by monitoring activities in their state, regional area, and profession
  • Identify partner organizations, training and funding opportunities to promote NLM resources
  • Serve as ambassadors throughout the region and among their constituencies in furthering the goals of, and encouraging participation in NNLM and NLM programs
  • Assist with review of applications for NNLM MAR funding


  • 1-2 year terms
  • Diversified, rotating membership
  • Virtual quarterly meetings
  • RML staff solicit agenda items, schedule meetings, record minutes