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Health Outreach and Programming

The Library Story

A Strategic Storytelling Toolkit for Public Libraries

The Library Story: A Strategic Storytelling Toolkit for Public Libraries was created by Michael Margolis and Kristina Drury of GetStoried.com in conjunction with input from Pennsylvania public library staff.

The library story

It was designed to help us think about how we can use the power of storytelling to more effectively communicate internally and externally. The Toolkit contains great content, exercises and examples to build your storytelling skills.  It is based on months of research, surveys and interviews with 200 Pennsylvania librarians and directors.

Logic Models

Logic models are excellent tools to help with program development, planning, implementation and evaluation. They can serve as a visual representation of your program. A logic model includes what you invest in your program (resources), what you actually do (activities), and what you plan to achieve (outputs and outcomes). It is a way to communicate to stakeholders and the community the reasoning behind initiating a health outreach activity.

View the NNLM Outreach Logic Model Template to get started.

For more information on logic models and evaluation visit the NNLM Evaluation Office (NEO).

Building Partnerships for Health Outreach

Health outreach within the community is best done in partnership with other organizations. Below please find sample letters of invitation to participate, invitation to speak, and of thanks. These letters can be printed and mailed or modified to send via email.

Order Publications to Distribute at Outreach Events

Educational and Printed Materials (NNLM MAR)
If you are a library or organization in DE, NJ, NY or PA you may order educational and printed materials at no cost as long as your library/organization is a NN/LM network member.

Education and Printed Materials (NNLM)
Locate your regional medical library to see what materials you can order or print for free online to distribute at your health outreach events. Membership to your local NNLM Office may be required to order materials.