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Multi-Cultural Resources

Cultural Competency Resources

Cultural and Linguistic Competency (Office of Minority Health)

Think Cultural Health (Office of Minority Health)

Staying Healthy for Beginners: An English Learner’s Guide to Health Care and Healthy Living (Teacher's Guide) - (LINCS)

Evaluating and Creating Health Information Resources

MedlinePlus: Health Literacy
Health literacy is the ability to understand health information and to use that information to make good decisions about your health and medical care. Learn more about health literacy from MedlinePlus

MedlinePlus: Evaluating Health Information
Find information on how to determine if the health information you have is good, or bad.

MedlinePlus: Guide to Healthy Web-Surfing
What should you look for when evaluating the quality of health information on websites? Here are some suggestions based on our experience.

MedlinePlus: Understanding Medical Research
It's important to be critical when reading or listening to reports of new medical findings. Locate additional information on this MedlinePlus page.

NNLM National Evaluation Office (NEO)
Librarians and health educators conduct programs to improve access to health information. The NEO provides assistance in developing well-planned evaluation to help target and measure outreach success.

Medical Library Associations: A User's Guide to Finding and Evaluating Health Information on the Web
This guide outlines the collective wisdom of medical librarians who surf the web every day to discover quality information in support of clinical and scientific decision making by doctors, scientists, and other health practitioners responsible for the nation's health.