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Making Your Website Senior-Friendly


For more information on these and other related topics:

Web Accessibility and Older People: Meeting the Needs of Ageing Web Users

Developing Websites for Older People: How Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Applies

Designing For The Elderly: Ways Older People Use Digital Technology Differently

Health Literacy Online Guide - Department of Health and Human Services
This guide is written for web designers, content specialists, and other public health communication professionals. The guide offers an overview of how to deliver online health information that is actionable and engaging, create a health web site that's easy to use, particularly for people with limited literacy skills and limited experience using the web, and evaluate and improve your health Web site with user-centered design.

Usability.gov - Department of Health and Human Services
Usability.gov is a one-stop source for government web designers to learn how to make websites more usable, useful, and accessible. The site addresses a broad range of factors that go into web design and development. The site will help you to: Plan and design usable sites by collecting data on what users need, develop prototypes, conduct usability tests and write up results, and measure trends and demographics.

For more about using alt-text and other ways to make web pages accessible to people with special needs, go to section508.gov