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Chemical structure of caffeine -- ChemIDPlus

Environmental Health & Chemistry Resources

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) provides a variety of resources to meet the needs of your students and faculty.


  • View and manipulate chemical structures for over 388,000 chemicals
  • Conduct structure similarity searches and view chemical synonyms.

Tox Town

  • Interactive website for people interested in environmental health issues
  • Explore different locations—City, Farm, Town, Port, Border Regions and the U.S. Southwest—each with their own unique neighborhoods and health risks
  • Click through a location, you’re given an overview of the health issues and chemicals in the area and are connected to MedlinePlus and other reliable resources


  • Allows users to explore on-site chemical releases and hazardous waste sites on a map
  • Users can search by location and chemical name
  • Uses the Toxics Release Inventory and data from the Superfund Program

ToxLearn Tutorials

  • Written at the introductory college student level
  • Teaches basic toxicology principles