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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
Health Literacy Award: Health Literacy for English As A Second Language Students

Health Literacy for ESL Students Across Staten Island will provide a unique integration of proven health literacy instructional practices within ESL adult education settings at four community organ

Health Literacy Award: Health Start!

Health Start! is a new seven-tiered program involving a partnership between the Touro-Harlem Medical Library, the Touro College of Pharmacy, Project Aspire and P.S. 197.

Health Literacy Award: Increasing Parental Health Literacy to Optimize Pregnancy Outcomes

Identify high quality, culturally appropriate and relevant materials (both print and digital) that inform and support the acquisition of health behaviors on the part of expectant parents during the

Leadership Institute Award: MAR Leadership Institute - Developing Leaders Among Us

UPSTATE University Health System Health Sciences Library will coordinate the planning of a series of Leadership Institutes with MAR MLA Chapter representatives.

MAR Delivery Award: MAR Delivery

MAR Delivery proposes to establish an online service providing for the posting of scanned documents to a central server and the secure retrieval of those documents by eligible library users.

National Network of Libraries of Medicine Middle Atlantic Region 2006-2011

RML contract

National Training Center and Clearinghouse

* Our Primary Objectives Travel throughout the United States, promoting NLM's database and databank training for librarians, health professionals, and the public by providing focused instructi

Outreach to Unaffiliated Health Professionals Award: Extending the Reach

This project will continue and extend the training program which was started under the auspices of an NN/LM MAR Planning Grant, ?Getting the (Healthy) Word Out: a Train-the-Trainer Approach for Nur

Outreach Training Award- Senior Access to Health Information

The Senior Access to Health Information Program is a program designed through the partnership of the HSS Kim Barrett Memorial Library and the HSS Greenberg Academy for Successful Aging with the two

Outreach Training Award: HEALP: Health Education on Access through Libraries and Peers

All immigrants have a right to medical treatment in New York, and many low-income immigrants can enroll in public health insurance coverage, regardless of their immigration status.

Outreach Training: Crouse Hospital Library Partners with the VNA of CNY

Currently, the VNY of CNY does not have a partnership affiliation with a medical library and so their registered nurses (who may enlist the help of physical therapists, occupational therapists, spe

Outreach Training: Health Information and the Internet

the VA needs to provide participants with the oppourtnity to observe ans participate in demonstration of the vetted and program's tools and resources, thereby them with the ability to utilize

Pres/Prof Development Award: Evidence-Based Public Health: Finding and Appraising Relevant Resources

The content of this course will include an active discussion of Evidence Based Public Health with relevant, real-world case studies, how to distinguish between quality and biased information, pract

Small Project Award- CE Double Header

Currently there are 3 hospitals in HILNNEP that offer consumer information; and only one has a dedicated staff member.

Small Project Award- Large Screen Monitor/TV for Educational Viewing

As a portion of new employee orientation, nurse orientation and medical research training to patients we utilize PubMed and MedlinePlus.

Small Project Award: 32nd Annual SALIS Conference: ATOD Policy & Information Technology in an Era of

Approximately twenty speakers will present on a variety of topics over three days.

Small Project Award: A Regional Health Unconference

The regional health unconference will be a full-day event that will take place at the Central Library of the Brooklyn Public Library.

Small Project Award: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Science Information Literacy and Outreach Project

By using currently available digital equipment and technology to engage our user population we will be able to better promote library services and inform our users.

Small Project Award: Computer and Scanner Capability

Document Delivery via PDF's are now becoming the standard to insure timely delivery of journal articles and other health information.

Small Project Award: Computer Equipment Upgrades

The computers are heavily utilized by our Library customers. Often times there are waiting lists.