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Funding Application Checklist

Download this checklist to use while planning your project and writing your application!

Is your organization a NNLM MAR Member?

Stop sign; if your organization is not a current member, stop here

Your organization must be a member with a current record in order to apply for funding. No application will be reviewed unless you are a member. Join the Network or renew your Membership before submitting your application for funding.

Please check that you have the following:

  • NNLM Member ID Number – the unique identifier for your NNLM Member record
  • DUNS Number
  • Institution Tax ID Number

Your application must include the following:

­Cover letter that includes:

  • Primary Contact (PC) Name
  • PC Position title
  • PC email
  • PC phone
  • Institution Name
  • Library/dept. name, if applicable
  • Institution address

Project proposal that includes:

  • Title/name for your project
  • Project summary
  • Project objectives
  • Evaluation & project plan
  • Sustainability
  • Personnel list

Required Attachments (no others will be accepted or read):

  • Budget – use the template provided in the Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Letter(s) of commitment from:
    • Institutional leadership that includes acknowledgement of award requirements
    • Partnering institution(s)/organization(s)
    • Technology support personnel for the applicant’s institution If technology is being purchased
  • Curriculum vitae/resumes of key personnel
  • Populations and Participants section checklist

Proposal Submission

Electronic version of the proposal submitted to

  • with the name of the award in the subject line
  • by April 5 at 4:30 PM ET

Late applications will not be accepted.