Genetics Resources from the National Library of Medicine

Primary NN/LM MAR Contact: Lydia N. Collins / Consumer Health Coordinator /

These selected free resources are good starting points for information on genetics for K-12 students. Resources are available in both English and Spanish and may include lesson plans, instructional templates, and resource lists.

  • GeneEd
    • Suitable for Grades 9-12
    • A safe and useful resource to learn genetics
    • Developed in collaboration with the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), teachers, and experts in genetics and genetic counseling
    • Includes Help Me Understand Genetics Handbook
  • Genetics Home Reference
    • Suitable for Grades 6-12
    • NLM's site for consumer information about genetic conditions, and the genes or chromosomes related to those conditions
  • Harry Potter’s World
    • Suitable for Grades 6-12
    • Presents instructional resources for educators in middle schools, high schools, as well as in higher education institutions
    • Explore the genetics of the characters and the roots of the creatures and magic in the Harry Potter book series, in terms of Renaissance science and historical lore
  • Additional Genetics resources: K-12 Professionals Resource Guide