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Evolving Value of Information Management

This report is the result of a research study commissioned by both the Financial Times and the Special Libraries Association (SLA), to explore the evolving value of information management in today’s society.

The evolving value of information management – And the five essential attributes of the modern information professional.

Once the custodians of dusty paper libraries, today’s information professionals work with digital tools in virtual repositories. This report explores the challenges and opportunities of this modern day knowledge specialist, working in times of widespread budget austerity, while evolving the value they provide to organizations.

There are many proprietary databases and resources that no one can access except members or librarians. The important concept to get across to administrators is that they do not know what they do not know,” explains an information professional in the healthcare sector. “I am concerned that healthcare will be a disaster if physicians using Google searches, even PubMed, will use only what they find and think it is the most evidence-based quality material available.” Many in other sectors share similar concerns.

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