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Extended Deadline for the HHS/ASPR Challenge Grant

The deadline for the HHS/ASPR challenge grant is extended until October 31, 2013.  Please see this website for more details –

System for Locating People Using Electricity Dependent Medical Equipment During Public Health Emergencies

Public Good, Engineering/Design, Computer Science/Information Technology, Business/Entrepreneurship, Ideation

AWARD: $10,000 USD  |  DEADLINE: 10/31/13  |  ACTIVE SOLVERS: 201  |  POSTED: 9/20/13

The Seeker desires a system for monitoring the location and status of life-sustaining durable medical equipment (DME) during a prolonged power outage or disaster situation. This information would be used by a network of family and friends, formal caregivers, emergency responders and others responding to a disaster to better assist individuals who are dependent on DME.  The current Challenge focuses on obtaining information about DME; however, this is part of a larger effort to ensure that these people get the necessary help as quickly as possible.

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