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Making Equity a Value in Value-Based Health Care

An important perspective article in the November issue of Academic Medicine is now available online. Titled, “Making Equity a Value in Value-Based Health Care,” the article is by Drs. Philip Alberti, Ann Bonham, and Darrell Kirch, all from AAMC. In the article, the authors “envision how disparities-related provisions in the Affordable Care Act and other recent legislation could be linked with new value-based health care requirements and payment models to create incentives for narrowing health care disparities and move the nation toward equity. Specifically, the authors explore how recent legislative actions regarding payment reform, health information technology, community health needs assessments, and expanding health equity research could be woven together to build an evidence base for solutions to health care inequities. Although policy interventions at the clinical and payer levels alone will not eliminate disparities, given the significant role the social determinants of health play in the etiology and maintenance of inequity, such policies can allow the health care system to better identify and leverage community assets; provide high-quality, more equitable care; and demonstrate that equity is a value in health.”

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