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NLM’s New Dietary Supplement Label Database

The target audience for the new DSLD is researchers, whereas consumers are the intended users of the current NLM version.

Comprehensiveness:  The goal of new DSLD is to capture all the dietary supplement products marketed in the U.S. The rate of data input is 1,000 labels per month.  The initial release will contain 17,000 labels. The new DSLD is aiming for ~ 50,000 labels (the estimated number of products on the market in US) in 5 years. The current NLM version has 8,000 labels.  It has been updated at the rate of 1,000 new labels per year.

Data:  The new DSLD captures data on the dietary supplements labels and store the data elements in a highly normalized relational database schema.  This schema allows searching, sorting, and filtering capability needed by researchers.  The current NLM version stores the label data in less granular fashion.

Images:  The new DSLD comes with images of the labels.  The current NLM version does not provide images.

Data Rights:  The new DSLD data is in the public domain.  The current NLM version gets licensed data from DeLima Associates.

Controlled vocabulary:  The new DSLD will be indexed with the LanguaL controlled vocabulary in the next phase. LanguaL is a classification system for food and nutrition information.  The current NLM version is not indexed with controlled vocabulary.

Update schedule:  The new DSLD will be updated monthly, with new 1,000 new labels and images of the labels.  The current NLM version has been updated with 1,000 new labels per year.

Maintenance:  ODS contracts with Therapeutic Research Faculty (TRF) to acquire label data and images.  The data is populated at TRF, and imported into NLM database monthly.

Where do the labels come from?  TRF has ongoing relationships and outreach program with manufacturers to obtain dietary supplement labels.

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