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2013 MeSH Available

The 2013 version of the Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) thesaurus is now available.

There are fewer changes to MeSH than we’ve seen in recent years, and majority of the changes were done to improve compounds treeing and terminology.

However, there are always interesting new headings.  Some examples for 2013 are:
Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, Binge Drinking, Meaningful Use, Molecular Medicine, Personal Narratives; Racism and Sexism are separate new headings not entry terms for Prejudice.
For a full list, please see

The changes in headings reflect the desire to disambiguate and improve terminology, for example: Genetic Therapy replaces Gene Therapy, Correction of Hearing Impairment replaces Rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired, Research Design replaces Research – methods, Education of Visually Disabled replaces old Visually Impaired Persons – education.

For a full list, see

The list of topical headings used on our e-journals and e-books lists
features only one change this year:  Physical Medicine is now Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.

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