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Medical e-Library

The Medicare Learning Network (MLN is the home for education, information, and resources for the Medicare Fee-For-Service provider community.  The MLN gives health care professionals access to the Medicare Program information they need, when they need it, so they can focus more on providing care to their patients.

How MLN Can Be Of Help

In today’s world, health care professionals  require immediate access to trusted, up-to-date reference materials and resources.  As you certainly know, Medical e-libraries are ever-increasingly the go-to destination in fulfilling this vital need.  To learn more about and understand Medicare, take the first step by collaborating with the MLN and obtain a free MLN button for your website.

To obtain the free MLN button, go to on the MLN website and download it onto your Medical e-library.

Get e-library web users connected. Faster.

Collaborating with the MLN can enhance your medical e-library’s status as a destination for accurate, reliable and official Medicare information. The MLN button is a direct link to the MLN General Information page.  Once there, users can access the MLN Products page and download products and materials about Medicare Program policies, procedures and regulations regarding coverage, billing, coding, and reimbursement.

As part of CMS’ ongoing efforts to keep health care professionals informed, the MLN would like to recommend another easy way your e-library can collaborate with the MLN and reap additional rewards.  Join the MLN Education Products LISTSERV today and inform your users on how they can join.  Once signed-up, users can receive the latest news and updates regarding official Medicare publications. Below are the instructions for joining:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter “MLN,”
  3. Click ‘search.’

Strengthen your e-library’s outreach

With access to the MLN, health care professionals will stay current regarding Medicare developments and with accurate CMS information.  MLN can enhance your medical e-library website status as a repository of nationally consistent educational information for Medicare’s Fee-For-Service providers.

If you would like more information about how we can work together to keep professionals informed, please contact me via email at

Valerie A. Haugen, Director

Division of Provider Information Planning & Development

Provider Communications Group, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

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