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Sunday, May 20th

Bases Loaded, Patient at Bat: Genetics clinicians, Clinical Librarian and Consumer Librarian Collaborate to Enhance Patient Care
Susan Robishaw and Patricia Ulmer

This successful, collaborative project among genetics clinicians and librarians has had a positive impact on patient care for both clinicians and patients. The clinicians need less time to prepare for a patient encounter. They maximize the time they spend with the patients. They have more information about the patient’s potential diagnoses at the time of the initial visit. Having more information allows the clinician to spend more time reviewing the diagnosis with the patient and addressing his/her concerns and to selectively order tests. Patients receive trusted, accurate and up to date health they use to better understand their condition/treatment.

Covering the Bases: Running a Library-Based Bioinformatics Service at a Health Sciences University
Carrie L. Iwema and Ansuman Chattopadhyay

iPad Lending Library for On Call/Night Float Residents: Home Run or Foul Ball?
Catherine M. Boss and Chunwei Ma

A pilot study was conducted to determine the usefulness of an iPad for independent learning and direct patient care by on-call/night float residents. An iPad with WiFi would allow for connectivity to the medical center’s patient care portal with licensed patient-based and evidence-based databases, electronic books, and journals.

iPads as a Tool to Enhance Communications and Access to Emergency Preparedness Resources
Cristina A. Pope and Donna K. Sowles

Poster Sessions

Building a Farm Team: Ten Years of Developing New Academic Health Sciences Library Directors; The NLM/AAHSL Leadership Fellows Program
Carolyn E. Lipscomb, Barbara A. Epstein, Lynn Kasner Morgan, Julia F. Sollenberger and M.J. Tooey

In response to a documented need to build the next generation of leadership for academic health sciences libraries, the Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries, with co-sponsorship from the National Library of Medicine, initiated a program to identify, encourage and develop candidates for director. The poster measures program results and identifies factors of success.

Gray Literature Searching in Health Sciences Systematic Reviews: A Survey Study
Ahlam Saleh, Melissa A. Ratajeski and Marnie Bertolet

Using Quick Response (QR) Codes to Promote E-Books
Melissa A. Ratajeski

The Value of Health Libraries and Information Services for Clinical Decision Making and Patient Safety
Joanne Marshall and Julia Sollenberger

Monday, May 21st

Enhancing PubMed EBM Search Outcomes with Customized My NCBI Filters
Tanya Shkolnikov

The customized Levels of Evidence Filters (LEF) for PubMed searches provide medical residents with a much-needed tool for retrieving EBM information in accordance with the Levels of Evidence Pyramid. LEF allow users to locate materials with higher levels of evidence in one click, and to easily access articles with lower levels of evidence, if needed.

Tuesday, May 22nd

Partnering to Encourage Health Information Seeking at an Urban Minority Health Center: A Case Study
Prudence Dalrymple, Lenore Hardy, Lisl Zach, Michelle Rogers, Patricia Gerrity, Mary Green and Kathleen Turner

A multidisciplinary partnership of librarians, health professionals, and LIS faculty collaborated to encourage health information seeking by medically underserved patients at an urban health center. The objectives of the program were to 1) gain greater insight into the information behaviors of these patients and 2) test the effectiveness of sending tailored text messages to participants in a group prenatal class.

154 Results of the Value of Health Library and Information Services Study
Joanne Marshall and Julia Sollenberger

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