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Designing Libraries for the 21st Century Conference

Designing Libraries for the 21st Century

May 16-18, 2012

University of Calgary

Program and Registration

The Taylor Family Digital Library, which opened in September 2011 at the University of Calgary, offered a unique opportunity to rethink the library’s physical space, technology infrastructure, and program of services.

In this leadership symposium, we will explore the trends and concepts shaping the design and services of this library and other 21st century libraries, learning centres and specialized library spaces.  Speakers will include library and university administrators, architects, designers, technologists, and campus planners from Calgary and across North America.

Symposium sessions will include:

  • Realizing the Vision
  • Creating Spaces for Learning
  • Planning for New Buildings on Campus
  • Rethinking Library Space: The Academic, Information and Technology Contexts
  • The Architect’s Perspective
  • Designing Specialized Spaces in Libraries
  • In Conversation – One Building: Multiple Perspectives
  • Technologies: Pushing the Boundaries
  • A Year or Two Later – Lessons Learned

This will be of interest to academic administrators, librarians, technologists, architects, and designers.

This conference is being co-organized by:

Tom Hickerson                                               Joan K. Lippincott

Vice Provost & University Librarian            Associate Executive Director

University of Calgary                                     Coalition for Networked Information


For information, please contact:

Donna Livingstone, Communications Director

Libraries & Cultural Resources, University of Calgary


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