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Archive for 2011

New Search Box Auto-Complete Feature

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

The National Library of Medicine launched a new search box auto-complete feature for MedlinePlus (, MedlinePlus en español (, and the NLM main website (  The auto-complete feature suggests relevant terms and phrases as users begin typing, provides accurate spellings for search terms, and guides users to relevant Web site content. Auto-complete suggestions appear for search boxes in site-wide headers, as well as on search results pages.  An NLM Technical Bulletin article ( describes the enhancement in more detail.

What’s New with the NN/LM National Library Medicine of Training Center (NTC)

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

The NN/LM National Library of Medicine Training Center (NTC), located at the University of Utah, offers in-person and online training related to NLM products.

PubMed Class

The previous one-day PubMed class is being replaced with a hybrid PubMed for Trainers class.  This hands-on course consists of lectures, individual exercises, group work and discussions in four sessions, with independent work before or after each session.  The course consists of three 2 hour online sessions and an in-person session.  NLM or NTC trainers will deliver the lectures and facilitate discussions.  The objectives of the class are for current and future PubMed trainers to discover and develop:

  1. functional knowledge of the MEDLINE database,
  2. understanding of the structure and use of the Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) vocabulary in MEDLINE/PubMed,
  3. expertise in the use of features and functions of the PubMed system, and
  4. techniques and best practices in MEDLINE/PubMed instruction with fellow trainers.

The class is intended specifically for those who train, or will train, others to use PubMed.  This class could be for you if you teach PubMed to large groups, small groups, or one-on-one training.  We look forward to lively discussions on PubMed instruction and adult education best practices.

The first NTC PubMed for Trainers class was held in October 2011 in Bethesda, MD.   Registration is now open for the PubMed for Trainers class in Syracuse, NY from April 16 – 30, 2012.  The class will also be offered in Los Angeles, CA; Houston, TX; Chapel Hill, NC; and Chicago, IL.

TOXNET and Beyond Class

We will continue to offer the one-day TOXNET and Beyond class.  This course is designed to convey the basics of searching TOXNET, a Web-based system of databases in the areas of toxicology, environmental health, and related fields.  The course also teaches students how to use the NLM Environmental Health and Toxicology portal which provides resources beyond the TOXNET databases.  Students learn the content and structure of files covering toxicology data, toxicology literature, toxic releases, and chemical nomenclature.  The databases highlighted are TOXLINE, the Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB), the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS), the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI), and ChemIDplus.  The course includes lectures, online demonstrations, and hands-on exercises.

NTC has TOXNET and Beyond classes scheduled beginning in February 2011 in Los Angeles, CA; Houston, TX; and Chicago, IL.

Plans for Online Training

In addition to the hybrid PubMed class and in-person TOXNET and Beyond class, NTC will be offering shorter online Adobe Connect classes for delivery later this year.   In conjunction with the Pacific Southwest Region, we are also developing a Moodle version of the “Effective Training Design: Teaching with Technology” class (see

In the next few months, will be conducting a needs assessment to identify gaps in the current Web-based training offerings.  After the needs assessment is completed we will be developing additional Web-based training.

Wait, there’s more…

The NTC blog features regularly published short articles about teaching technologies, adult education, and upcoming activities.  You can also follow us on Twitter where we are posting links to resources related to education and NLM products.  Please visit the NTC Web site at for more information, to register for classes and to follow the NTC blog or Twitter feed.

–Sharon Dennis, Assistant Director

Network and Advocacy Coordinator Position Available

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

The University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library System (HSLS) seeks applications for the position of Network and Advocacy Coordinator, National Network of Libraries of Medicine – Middle Atlantic Region (NN/LM-MAR).

Responsibilities of the Network and Advocacy Coordinator include planning Network member programs to support advocacy and changing roles for the information professional; coordinating outreach activities to hospital librarians; managing the Region’s Membership and DOCLINE program; and providing training and support of DOCLINE, DOCLINE Serial Holdings, EFTS, and LinkOut.  To view complete job description, see:


PubMed for Trainers Course (Syracuse, NY)

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

MAR is pleased to announce the National Library of Medicine Training Center is bringing the PubMed for Trainers course to Syracuse, NY, April 16-30, 2012.  PubMed for Trainers requires attendance at all sessions, both online and in-person:

  • Online session:  April 16, 2012, 10:00 – 12:00 pm ET
  • Online session:  April 18, 2012, 10:00 – 12:00 pm ET
  • In-person session in Syracuse, NY:  April 24, 2012, 9:30 – 4:30 pm ET
  • Online session:  April 30, 2012, 10:00 – 12:00 pm ET

Seating is limited.  For class details and to register, see:

Biomedical Publishing 101

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

January 18, 2012 – 1 PM ET
90 minutes

A free Webinar via Adobe Connect

  • Created by the Chicago Collaborative, a joint partnership of librarians, publishers and editors
  • Sponsored and hosted by the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeastern/Atlantic Regions of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine

This 90-minute webinar provides an opportunity to learn about the publishing cycle of biomedical journals, both in print and online.  The complexities of publishing, in a world of rapidly changing delivery formats and devices will be explored, including the publishing challenges and opportunities posed by each.  Presenters include John Tagler of the Association of American Publishers, Inc. and the session will be moderated by M. J. Tooey, Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs and Executive Director of the Health Sciences and Human Services Library and Director of the Southeastern/Atlantic Region at the University of Maryland.

Participants will gain knowledge of the various roles and responsibilities of different players in the scientific publishing chain and of the international aspects of bioscience communication.  All participants will have a chance to engage in discussions with the presenters.  Key topics to be covered include:

  • The Current Biomedical Publishing Landscape
  • The Publishing Process
  • Publication Ethics
  • Production and Delivery
  • Practical Considerations
  • The Road Ahead

Please register at by December 31, 2011 if you plan on attending.  Connection instructions will be provided upon registration.

Express Awards Deadline Just Around the Corner

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

A reminder that the applications for MAR Express Awards are due November 18, 2011.  More details available at:

Importance of Librarians and Informaticians in Medical Education

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Make a point of checking out this interesting article by Dr. Mary Moore, for the Association of Academic Health Sciences Librarians, in response to the 2011 Question of the Year.  The article is “Teaching Physicians to Make Informed Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty:  Librarians and Informaticians on the Health Care Team.”  Published in Academic Medicine, v. 86, no. 11 (November 2011), p. 1345.

Web App for PubMed for Handhelds (PubMed4Hh)

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

After it was announced in NN/LM New Bits ( about a year ago, more than 90 libraries worldwide requested for library-specific URLs for PubMed for Handhelds (PubMed4Hh).  With the availability of smartphones growing rapidly, we attempted to create an App for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod) but ran into some difficulty because of the many pre- and post-search algorithms in PubMed4Hh and also because of library-specific links.

We thought that the next best thing would be to add an icon to the Home screen and Dock to make it work like an App (a Web App).  Instructions on how to add a PubMed4Hh icon to iOS devices is here –  NLM is currently creating specific instructions for Android devices that will be posted soon.

If you have questions, contact:

Paul Fontelo, MD, MPH, National Library of Medicine, B1N30 Bldg. 38A, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, 20894; (301) 435-3265, Fax:  (301) 402-4080,

MedlinePlus Spanish Twitter Feed

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

The National Library of Medicine is excited to announce a new Twitter feed from MedlinePlus en español  – @MedlinePlusEsp.  Follow @MedlinePlusEsp for trusted health information in Spanish.  Stay up to date on the latest health news, health observances, seasonal health issues, and healthy living tips, all in Spanish.  If you have any questions about @MedlinePlusEsp, contact the MedlinePlus team at NLM via the contact form linked from every page on MedlinePlus.

Here’s a Spanish translation of the above message, in case you want to post it for a Spanish-speaking audience:

La Biblioteca Nacional de Medicina de los EE.UU (NLM) se complace en anunciar el feed de Twitter para MedlinePlus en español:  @MedlinePlusEsp. Siga @MedlinePlusEsp para encontrar información confiable de salud en español. Manténgase al día de las últimas noticias, datos oportunos en el área de salud y consejos para vivir una vida saludable ¡todo en español!


Celebrate a Diabetes-Friendly Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

November is American Diabetes Month.  Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family and food!  Eating healthy is key for preventing and controlling type 2 diabetes.  If you want to help prevent Type 2 diabetes, or if you have loved ones at the table who need to keep their diabetes under control, use these tips to plan a healthy Thanksgiving.

Give thanks for veggies.  Have cut-up vegetables with a low-calorie dip for a snack before the big meal.  Choose one of these vegetable side dishes:

Stuff the turkey—not yourself.

  • Leave room for your favorite foods.  For example, if stuffing is your favorite, plan to skip the mashed potatoes.
  • Fill half your plate with vegetables and fruits.  Choose nutritious foods like turkey and whole-grain bread for the rest.
  • Keep portions of foods high in sodium or saturated fat (like gravy) small.  It’s best to avoid saturated fat if you can.

Check out the Quick Guide to Healthy Living for more information about preventing type 2 diabetes:

November is American Diabetes Month.  Download the American Diabetes Month Toolkit: and learn more about featured health observances: