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Award Report: Outreach to Unaffiliated Health Professionals–Albany Medical College

Under the auspices of an NN/LM MAR Outreach to Unaffiliated Health Professionals Award, the Schaffer Library of Health Sciences at Albany Medical College worked with the Queensbury Family Health Center in the Hudson Headwaters Health Network (HHHN), a not-for-profit system of health centers in New York State, to provide training sessions to health care providers that serve adult patients with Type II diabetes.  Over 3,000 patients are currently being treated for diabetes throughout the HHHN; approximately 10 percent are cared for at the Queensbury location.

Four teaching sessions were conducted. At the end of session one, participants were able to

  • perform a basic PubMed search
  • focus search results using PubMed limits
  • use the PubMed MeSH database to select terms and subheadings
  • create a MyNCBI account to customize search results, save searches, set alerts, and share data
  • access free full-text journal articles in PubMed Central
  • acquire fee-based material using Loansome Doc

At the end of session two, participants were able to

  • list criteria to evaluate web-based patient information
  • identify reliable sources of patient health information
  • apply Google search techniques and tools to refine results
  • locate material suitable for patients with low literacy levels

By the end of session three, participants were able to

  • explain how mobile devices can assist healthcare providers at the point of care
  • differentiate between commonly used mobile devices in the medical field
  • explain basic mobile device functionality
  • identify mobile medical software products that are freely available to download

Session four demonstrated the application of the content covered in the first three sessions through the use of case studies.  The clinical orientation was at the request of the health care providers.  The goal was to integrate the objectives of the previous sessions with a point-of-care approach.  By the end of the session participants were able to:

  • use clinical resources during a patient encounter
  • locate patient education materials on the web
  • evaluate patient education materials on the web

Loansome Doc accounts were established for ten health care providers, facilitating their retrieval of full-text articles.

Participants were appreciative and valued the content presented.  They indicated that they would incorporate their knowledge into their practice.

Enid Geyer
Schaffer Library of Health Sciences
Albany Medical College

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