Value of Library and Information Services in Patient Care Study

Planning Bibliography

Five databases - PubMed, Library Literature, LISA, CINAHL and Web of Science - were searched using some combination of the concepts of value/price/economics and patient care and outcomes and librarians. The bibliography is updated periodically. To suggest articles for inclusion or questions about the methodology, email the NN/LM MAR (

The total results of 800 citations and abstracts were then filtered, eliminating non-relevant articles and reducing the number to 150. The article,

Weightman AL, Williamson J; Library & Knowledge Development Network (LKDN) Quality and Statistics Group. The value and impact of information provided through library services for patient care: a systematic review. Health Info Libr J. 2005 Mar;22(1):4-25.

and examined the 32 studies they found to validate the search results. The search results found 14 of the 32 studies Weightman and Williamson identified. The search was refined PubMed was searched again using a slightly changed search strategy. Still, several articles Weightman and Williamson identified were not found either through the first or the second, revised search strategy.

After a second review for non-relevant articles, there were a total of PDF 106 articles.