Resource Library Directors Meeting

On September 13th, the Middle Atlantic Region (MAR) hosted a meeting for the Region’s Resource Library directors. MAR consists of 29 Resource Libraries within DE, NJ, NY and PA:

  • 24 are located in medical schools or other academic institutions
  • two in cancer specialty hospitals
  • two in large health systems
  • two independent academy libraries

These libraries are named Resource Libraries based on quality, scope and size of collections, special strengths and uniqueness of collections, geographic location, and past record of participation as a resource library. Resource Libraries participate in resource sharing activities, making materials available for lending within the National Network.

Resource Libraries also assist the Regional Medical Library in planning, coordinating and implementing a variety of Network and outreach programs. At the meeting, Renae Barger, Executive Director for NN/LM MAR, presented the library directors with an overview of the PDF 2011-2016 program, including planned Network and outreach activities, funding opportunities and funding structure. Barbara Epstein, Director for NN/LM MAR, presented an overview of the PowerPoint advisory structure and the role of Resource Libraries. The library directors had an opportunity to discuss and provide input into the NN/LM MAR program.

Mary Lou Klem, HSLS Reference Librarian and Co-Investigator for the Value of Libraries Study gave the library directors an update on the study and discussed future directions. Finally, Martha Fishel, NLM, Chief, Public Services Division, discussed NLM’s program to ensure the preservation and continued access to the historical literature through a new national cooperative medical journals print retention program.

NN/LM MAR has a wonderful group of Resource Library directors. The services they provide to the Network, as well as their guidance and support of the NN/LM MAR program are greatly appreciated.

We encourage you to view our PDF MAR Contract Summary and Objectives 2011-2016 outlining our plans for the next five years.;