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Staff Directory

Photo Name/Title
Michael Balkenhol Michael Balkenhol
Health Programming Coordinator serving NY, NJ, DE, & PA
Renae Barger Renae Barger
Program Lead
Michelle Burda Michelle Burda
Education and Health Literacy Coordinator
Kelsey Cowles Kelsey Cowles
Academic Coordinator
Mady Engel
Administrative Assistant
Barbara Epstein Barbara Epstein
Kate Flewelling Kate Flewelling
Executive Director
Tristan Lucchetti Tristan Lucchetti
Business Manager
Erin Seger Erin Seger
Health Professions Coordinator
Tess Wilson Tess Wilson
All of Us Community Engagement Coordinator serving NY, NJ, DE, & PA
Tessa Zindren Tessa Zindren
Program Manager