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Information Rx Product Use and Placement

Prescription Pads & Business Cards (most popular, especially among physicians):

There are two types of prescription pads: 1) blank and 2) a version with a few frequently prescribed health topics.

  • Order enough prescription pads for placement in each exam room and nurses' station as well as a few pads for each physician to carry.
  • Some physicians prefer the smaller size of the business cards.


Posters with tear-away prescription pads: posters should be placed in each exam room and waiting room. The poster serves as a reminder to the patient to ask their physician about health information, and a reminder to the physician to prescribe MedlinePlus to the patient. The attached tear away pad provides a take home reminder for patients. Be sure to leave extra tear-off pads with someone who will be responsible for replacement or return periodically to apply or re-supply new pads. When ordering, order at least three replacement pads for each poster.

Consider placing posters in the following areas:

  • on bulletin boards in waiting areas where patients can see them and ask their physician about the program.
  • in physician lounges as a reminder to prescribe MedlinePlus to their patients.
  • in the employee cafeteria and/or coffee shop.
  • at the nurses' station in hospitals.


Bookmarks provide information about MedlinePlus and Information Rx. The bookmarks also include space on the back for libraries to customize with the library's name and contact information. The bookmarks save time for the physician who can use them to describe MedlinePlus.

Place bookmarks in:

  • patient waiting areas and in patient information racks.
  • at the reception desk, giving patients an opportunity to pick one up as they come in or leave the office.