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Health Resources for K-12 Professionals

Forensics and Medical Technology Resources - A selection of forensic and medical technology resources.

Forensics and Medical Technology Resources for Educators -  Direct links resources designed to for educators using the above resources in forensic and medical technology instruction.

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Forensics and Medical Technology Resources for Educators

  • Frankenstein – Penetrating the secrets of Nature (Grades 6-12+)
    Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature presents lesson plans for the educators in middle- and high-schools. Each lesson plan provides suggested instructional guides and materials that an educator may adapt in whole or in parts as he or she deems most appropriate for the students' interest, level, and academic goals.
  • Going Further: Charles Darwin
    A bibliography of Charles Darwin works and resources for Children and Youth.
  • Visible Proofs: Resources
    The following resources have been assembled for students, teachers, and forensic professionals to complement the exhibition. Explore these resources as a starting point, and seek others that will provide further insights into the history, people, science, and technology in forensics!