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Funded Projects

    Financial Flowchart

    Financial Flowchart thumbnailGMR Subaward Financial Process

      Invoicing Process

      • All awards are made on a cost reimbursement basis, advance payments may be processed upon request with justification of need.
      • Awardees may submit invoices quarterly. Invoices must include documentation to support each line item in the invoice. A sample invoice can be found here (revised Sept 2018).
      • Send all invoices and supporting documentations to the University of Iowa's Subawardee Invoice email address and copy Cheryl Doehrmann.
      • The University of Iowa Grants Accounting Office offers a sample invoice template, but other templates are also accepted. The requirements for an invoice include: 
        • Each expense listed as a line item with any necessary documentation.
        • Your Purchase Order (PO) number. (This can be found in your subaward agreement or by contacting the GMR Office.) 
        • The budget for your subaward
        • The subaward budget period of May 1, 2018 - April 30, 2019.
      • If you have questions about the invoicing process, please contact Cheryl Doehrmann.