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Funded Projects

Project Changes Without an Extension

It is common for changes to occur from what was proposed in your application, and the process for changes are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your project coach regarding any changes. Generally, project changes without an extension require awardees to document changes either using Word (use Track Changes on the application originally submitted) or as a brief narrative in an email. If you are unsure of who your project coach is, please contact the GMR office

Project Changes

It is not uncommon that changes will occur to your project after the contract has been issued and signed between your institution and the Greater Midwest Region (GMR). For example, an employee written into the project may leave your institution in the middle of the project or severe weather may make travel to an outreach event impossible. Some of these changes do not require an official change to a contract, while others do. For any changes, you need to discuss what will be altered with your project coach in the GMR office.

Project Extensions

Projects extensions may be approved in circumstances in which an awardee needs additional time to complete the project beyond the agreed upon funding period (period of performance). To request an extension, please contact your project coach with a description of the barriers and a new timeline for the project. Before an extension can be approved, the GMR office must obtain written approval from the National Library of Medicine, a process which takes up to three weeks. If approval is granted, the GMR office will submit a subaward amendment request form through the University of Iowa, which will result in an amended contract for the project reflecting the new timeline.