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Funded Projects

Hardin Library

Network of the National Library of Medicine
Greater Midwest Region

Hardin Library for the Health Sciences
600 Newton Road
Iowa City, IA 52242
GMR contact: Miles Dietz-Castel, Office Coordinator

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    The GMR Funded Projects Guide is designed to support awardees and answer questions regarding the process of funding from the GMR and the University of Iowa. Additionally, this guide provides information for GMR award recipients to understand and comply with the reporting requirements of the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM). This guide aggregates all requirements into a single reference in order to promote timely and accurate reporting and to assist our awardees in completing projects. Please contact the GMR for more information.

    Once you've been funded:

    • Keep your Notice of Award letter handy. 
    • Bookmark this Guide for future reference.
    • Get to know your project GMR coach! Your coach is your first line regarding your award.
    • Learn how to Report Activities
    • Start planning for your Final Project Report
    • Be prepared to provide a quarterly update-- a progress check-in with your coach.
    • When doing outreach events, take photos that can be shared in a future blog post.
    • Take note of participant feedback that helps tell your outreach story.
    • Contact the GMR Office with any questions. We like to hear from you!