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Accessing Full-Text Articles

Health professionals in North Dakota should check with their institutions for library resources. If you do not have access to library services, academic centers may be able to provide access to health-related resources available for your use. In addition, all North Dakota residents can access online resources through the North Dakota State Library as well as their local public library. In order to access the databases, an individual must have a North Dakota library card for the State Library or a local public library card for their public library. Users can access the following health-related resources via the State Library (local public libraries may offer additional resources and we encourage you to contact your library for more information and to obtain a public library card):

  • Alt HealthWatch
  • Consumer Health Complete
  • Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition

Note: Many physicians and some other healthcare professionals in North Dakota are affiliated with UND and can receive access to the University's online resources and other services. Please use the following link to contact your regional librarian for more information: