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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
Target Outreach: Nursing Experts: Translating the evidence Phase 2 (NExT2)

Since 2001, the University of Illinois at Chicago?s Library of the Health Sciences at Peoria and the College of Nursing at Peoria have been engaged in a series of programs targeted to public health

Target Project: Rural Information Connection (RIC): a mobile device project...

The University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria's Rural Student Physician Program (RSPP) is a well-established program providing an ideal setting and population of students in need of

Target Project: Tales and Travel: Developing Community Partnerships?

Although libraries seek to service their entire local population, underserved populations continue to exist, such as individuals with dementia.

Tech Improvement: Active Learning ? Measuring the Impact of Audience Response Systems on Learning...

This project will provide means for Community Health Network (CHNw) medical staff who attend Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs sponsored by CHNw to become active participants in their lea

Tech Improvement: Audio and Video Promotional/Educational Activities for Library Users and Staff

The Mayo Clinic Medical Library would like to improve our audio and video presence on our intranet.

Tech Improvement: Tablet resource testing and training project

The library will purchase representative mobile devices (one iPad and one Android powered tablet) to test apps and mobile versions of electronic resources so they can better develop the collection

Tech Improvement: Technology Bar in the Library

The library proposes to create an independent study area using new technology in the library. It will be a Technology Bar. We will have four iPad Air 2 tablets mounted on the bar (counter).

Tech Improvement: the eBeam Project

Collaborative health sciences learning will take a giant leap forward thanks to eBeam Edge Capture technology and the Loyola University Chicago Health Sciences Library.

Title Description Amount
Community Engagement: Let's Get Health Wise

Design and delivery activities that will promote health literacy to three target groups: pre and school-age children, Rend Lake College students, and older adults that are members of the Learning i

Greater Midwest Region 2011-2016

The University of Illinois at Chicago Library of the Health Sciences will serve as the Regional Medical Library for the 2011-2016 contract.

Hospital Library: Past, Present, & Future of Blessing Health System Visually Presented

Blessing Hospital is building its first patient care addition since 1970, scheduled to open in January 2015.

Hospital Library: Premier Health Knowledge Management Workshop...

The Knowledge Management/Knowledge Services initiative at Premier Health System will set the stage for lifelong learning for those involved.

Premier Health Quality and Safety Knowledge Management/Knowledge Services Librarians Workshop

The Knowledge Management/Knowledge Services initiative at Premier Health System will set the stage for lifelong learning for those involved.

Professional Instruction: Midwest Chapter/MLA 2014

To provide a high quality regional conference with engaging speakers, networking opportunities, professional development, and continuing education that is within geographic and financial reach of a

ProjectName Professional Instruction: Midwest Chapter/MLA 2014 $1,500
Target Outreach Subcontract: Developing Data Knowledge for Health Sciences Lib

We propose to build on the results of a previous target outreach subcontract in which we gained an understanding of ethnographic methods used at the University of Rochester Libraries and their appl

Target Outreach: Nursing Experts: Translating the evidence (NExT)

This project focus of the Nursing Experts: Translating the evidence (NEXT) project is Minority Health Professionals/Minority Populations.

Target Project Award: Developing Data Knowledge for Health Sciences Lib

The collection, management, and use of data, in all formats and in all disciplines, are increasing.

Tech Improvement Award: Technology Improvement for the Holistic Health Programs

The Cambodian Association of Illinois (CAI) Holistic Health Programs seeks the technology improvement support from the National Network of Library of Medicine Greater Midwest Region (NN/LM GMR) to

Tech Improvement: CAVE (Create Audio & Video for Education

A little over one year ago the Library created a multimedia studio called the CAVE (Create Audio and Video for Education).



Funded Project Highlight

Organization: University of North Dakota

University of North Dakota (UND) Health Sciences Library librarians will develop or select appropriate information needs assessment tools and methods to assess the information needs of unaffiliated

Funding Period: 10/01/2016 to 04/30/2017 Funding Amount: $9,956