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TI Award: Upgrading Electronic Information Systems for Resident Training & Quality

Technology Improvement Award: This project will allow us to 1)Add additional wiring and a box with ports for two (2) additional computers in the Mount Sinai Hospital Library; 2) Add two (2) computers/monitors with MS Windows and Office and access to the Sinai Health System's Meditech Information Systems and Decision Support System and two (2) Synching bases for Dell X-30 PDAs; and 3) Add one network laser printer for use by both computers. Using the award in this way will enable Sinai Health System and the Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Library to enable all residents (who receive PDA's when they begin their service at Sinai) and other physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals to download pharmaceutical, outcomes research, and other information to their PDA's conveniently. Networking the computers to our T1 lines and our Intranet will also facilitate physician/nurse/resident use of the library facilities and external resources while being available to patients on the floors and their medical information via our Meditech Information System. Access to NLM databases and programs such as MEDLINE/PubMed and MEDLINEPlus, Entrez, TOXNET,, and PubMed Central, DOCLINE?, and Loansome Doc will enhance the ability of all house staff to improve patient care. The networked printer will also enable residents to download and print illustrations, presentations, and other web-based literature for Grand Rounds, other presentations, or for research use.

Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Center (Chicago, IL)
Not Applicable
Funded Dates: 
Monday, November 1, 2004 to Monday, October 31, 2005
Funding Amount: 
Health Professionals - Pharmacists
Health Professionals - Physicians