Current Funding Opportunities

The GMR provides funding for network members to assist them in conducting outreach and technology projects. Below is a chart which shows funding amount, eligibility, and deadline for each type of award. See the individual Call for Applications (CFAs) linked at left for details about a given award or subcontract. We are now accepting applications for funding for Option Year 04 (May 2015 - April 2016).

Summary of current funding available to GMR members

Award Type


Maximum Award

Submission Deadline

To promote the products and services of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and to improve access to health information for students, faculty, and staff. $4,500 Closed
Improve access to biomedical information for specific community populations by designing, implementing, planning and/or evaluating smaller scale outreach projects. $4,500 Closed
Exhibit at health programs, fairs and related events sponsored by local and state health associations, community organizations, academic institutions, and library associations. $1,200 Rolling
Propose projects that demonstrate emerging roles of hospital librarians or expand the involvement of library staff in hospital-wide initiatives. $4,500 Closed
Expand professional knowledge in order to improve access to health information for consumers, students, faculty, and staff. $1,500 Rolling
Allows GMR graduate library and information students and GMR tribal college undergraduate students to participate in meetings, conference sessions and other activities designed for them to learn about the importance of health information outreach and services conducted by librarians in the Midwest. $1,000 Closed
Fund projects that address specific identified needs of the current NN/LM contract, such as community research, evidence-based librarianship, e-science, health information technologies, and minority populations. $15,000 Closed
Improve knowledge-based information services to health professionals and health care consumers through the application of technologies. $4,500 October 15, 2015

GMR Sponsorship

Information about How to Become a GMR Sponsored Site for MLA Webinars and Webcasts for a Medical Library Association (MLA) webcast will be posted on The Cornflower and GMRLIST as soon as the new webcast registration form is posted on the MLA website.

For a list of sites previously sponsored by the GMR, see MLA Webinar Site Sponsors Funded by the GMR - Recipients.

Other Funding Opportunities

NN/LM Funding page

NLM Division of Extramural Programs
The Extramural Programs (EP) Division of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) provides grants and fellowships to organizations and individuals interested in applying computers and telecommunication for improving storage, retrieval, access, and use of biomedical information.