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Assistance in Transition

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Recent discussions on many of our library related discussion lists have revolved around library closings and librarians losing their positions. I have spoken to more than one of our colleagues during this time. When asked, I have made some suggestions that they could use to seek future employment. I would like to share these tips with you and encourage you to use this opportunity to comment on this post adding suggestions of your own to assist our friends in their efforts to find new employment in these troubled economic times.

Obtain a free email account and subscribe to, and MEDLIB-L@LIST.UVM.EDU to remain abreast of upcoming trends, educational opportunities and job announcements. The Midwest Chapter discussion list requires active membership. 

Consider making immediate use of alumni and professional association avenues.  If you attend a meeting, remember there are often job clinics of one kind or another offered during the conference. Here are some online options:

ALA – Joblist

SLA – Career Center

MLA – Career Development

Top 10 Social Sites for Finding a Job