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Consumer Electronics Show 2012

The 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place this week in Las Vegas, NV.  (In fact, it starts in about 1 hour from the time this blog post is published). It is the preeminent tradeshow for the next shiny thing in consumer electronics and brings together the innovators on technology’s cutting edge.    Some of the speakers include Steve Ballmer from Microsoft and executives from pretty much every other big tech company out there.  It also features Hollywood stars (I use the term loosely) like Dennis Rodman, Jillian Michaels, Snooki, and even Justin Bieber.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the many gadgets that will be the star of the show, if even for it’s allotted 15 minutes.

cute keyboard thing


Iogear’s Multi-Link Bluetooth Mini Keyboard ($63) – perfect for multiple devices that you may be using – tablets, smartphones, etc. that accept Bluetooth connections.  With this device, you can connect to up to six devices.  This way you do not have to carry around multiple Bluetooth keyboards for all of the devices in your bag.







Kensington’s BungeeAir – here’s a way to make sure you are even more tethered to your phone.  This keyfob alerts you when you are too far away from your device.  There is also available a protective case that supplies up to four extra hours of battery life.  If you go a certain distance from your phone, the keyfob locks the screen.  (Which, incidentally, can be done anyway through settings in the phone.)






FIT BodyBand


BodyMedia FIT BodyBand – “one of those personal fitness gizmos that goes far beyond the basic wellness tracking features found in many similar offerings. Using the FIT BodyBand, anyone who wants to lose weight can have access to his own personal digital trainer and nutritionist.” Apparently with this device, you can track as many fitness settings as you think can think of (sleep patterns, physical activity, calories, etc.).

For a look at more gadgets, here are some useful peepholes:

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c|net’s preview of CES

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Keep in the loop about what’s happening at the conference via Twitter @intlCES (and via various hashtags: #ces2012, #ces); Facebook; the official YouTube Channel; and even via Flickr.

Personally, I wish I could attend, because there is a “Mobile Apps Showdown” scheduled for January 12, and and entire “digitalHealth Summit” track that runs on January 11 and 12.   Like most of you, I will keep tabs on it from afar.  In the health track, there are some interesting sounding sessions:

  • Diabetes and Obesity: How can Technology Change the Outcomes?
  • The Patient as Consumer: Pushing Digital Health to New Heights
  • Data Liberation: Making Health Data Intelligible for the Consumer
  • Is Technology Changing the Doctor-Patient Relationship?

Sounds interesting!

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