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Top Digital Trends for 2010 (and other tech news)

As 2009 comes to a close, we start hearing and reading stories that recap “the year that was” and others that focus on the year ahead.    There are also the inevitable Top 10 lists for the year, like:

Nuri Djavit and Paul Newnes of Digital Media Buzz predict the Top Digital Trends for 2010.  Trends they see happening in the next 12 months:

  • Facebook replaces personal email
  • Open source software starts making money (thanks to the cloud)
  • Mobile commerce – The promise that has never delivered, yet
  • Fewer registrations — one sign-in fits all
  • Disruption vs. continuity – alternatives to the “big idea”
  • The continuing evolution of Web-driven, open source DIY culture
  • Info-art
  • Crowd sourcing
  • More Flash, not less

The last bullet-point (More Flash, not less) is one we will definitely have to watch in the coming year.  When I go off-site to teach a class for the GMR, I inevitably run into problems with the host institution and their version of the Flash Player (or sometime they will not allow Flash at all).   Flash technology can be abused, much like JavaScript can be abused.  Malicious code can be placed inside a Flash or JavaScript file and if executed on a users computer, could compromise the security of the machine.  Read the following article for more information on this:  Adobe Flash Security Model Permits Malware.

What do you see as a digital trend for your organization in 2010?

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