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Medical Apps for Smartphones

Smartphones like the iPhone, the Blackberry, and the T-Mobile MyTouch are becoming ubiquitous. Thanks to advances in technology, the types and numbers of applications that are available for use on these devices has increased exponentially. Applications like Bejeweled, TomTom and even the U.S. Constitution can be installed and used on many smartphones. The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the market today. A list of the top 10 medical applications available in the iTunes App Store can be found in the article: “Tools of the trade for on-the-go physicians,” by Cynthia Johnson and can be found in Medicine on the Net (August 2009). Below is a summary of other applications that can be found in iTunes under the categories of Healthcare & Fitness and Medical, and are in no particular order. Not all of the applications are free and price will be listed if applicable (prices are only accurate as of the date of this blog post.)

Healthcare & Fitness

As of August 21, 2009, there are 79 pages of applications for the iPhone in the category of Healthcare & Fitness.

  • iFitness: This is a comprehensive exercise database. It includes pictures of exercise instructions, and can also log exercise workouts. The author of this post actually uses this one and has found it very useful. (Price: $1.99)
  • iMapMyRun: GPS comes with the iPhone 3G and this application works with this GPS to track distance and time. (Price: Free)
  • Pure Meditation| AmbiScience – Meditation Aid: This application has 9 ambient tracks to help listeners meditate and 3 noise tracks. (Price $0.99
  • Two Hundred Squats: This app teaches the user how to train to ultimately do 200 consecutive squats. (Price: $1.99)
  • Tap & Track – Calorie, Weight & Exercise Tracker: Keep track of your calories by calculating your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and your daily caloric needs. (Price: $2.99)


As of August 21, 2009, there are 43 pages of applications for the iPhone in the category of Medical.

  • NCLEX-RN Wiz Flash Cards – 3200 Flash Memory Facts You Must Know to Pass Nursing Boards: This is the number one quick-review for the boards and includes 3200 flash memory cards. (Price: $4.99)
  • PubMed On Tap: This app was just released in July 2009 and there haven’t been enough customer ratings to give it a fair shake. However this app searches PubMed to find and display information. (Price: $2.99)
  • Medical Calculator: This app is advertised to help health professionals computer useful formulas and equations. (Price$0.99)
  • Medical Spanish: The premier Spanish phrasebook for health professionals. (Price $6.99)
  • PsychTerms: Includes 1000+ frequently used psychiatric and mental health terms. (Price: Free)
  • When choosing medical applications for your smartphone, it is useful (sometimes) to read the customer reviews. I say sometimes – remember that these types of reviews are very subjective. There are a lot of apps that are free and many others are under $2.99 – so trying a few out, won’t break the bank. It’s also useful to ask colleagues what apps they are using – though this is still a relatively new phenomenon so you might be the first one to explore these apps.

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