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How to Fund EFTS

The Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) is a transaction based electronic billing system for interlibrary-loan and document delivery. The system eliminates the need for the participating library to write checks or create invoices between EFTS members.  The system becomes more efficient the more DOCLINE libraries that join. It is for this reason that we would like to assist our DOCLINE libraries with the opportunity to participate in the system.

If you are a Net Borrower you can make use of the Electronic Fund Transfer System Award currently being offered by the Greater Midwest Region office.  If you are a Net Lender the EFTS office has made it easier to participate in the system.

EFTS is Calling for New Members!

We have heard from members and prospective members that making the initial deposit can be a deterrent to new membership. EFTS will now accept NET LENDER membership applications without an initial deposit to establish the account. The first LEND file upload will satisfy this component of the process. The newly revised MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT reads:

“Establishing an account
Payment must be made by either an institutional check made payable to the University of Connecticut Health Center-EFTS or by Credit Card (MC / VISA) by calling toll free 866-561-5045. *The initial amount to establish an account for this institution is $ _________.

(NET LENDERS will satisfy this component by uploading LEND transactions to maintain the account balance above a $0.00 amount.)

The institution takes responsibility in ensuring that future replenishment of funds will be made, as necessary, to maintain the account balance above a $0.00 amount.

*Initial amount to establish account applies to NET BORROWERS.”

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