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Archive for June, 2009

MedlinePlus Enhanced RSS Feeds

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

From the NLM:

MedlinePlus enhanced its Health News RSS feeds this week. The MedlinePlus Health News feeds now include images and hyperlinks to corresponding MedlinePlus Health Topics. The images add visual interest to the feeds and the Health Topic links allow subscribers to quickly and easily access information on the diseases, conditions, and wellness issues that are discussed in the news stories and press announcements.

You can subscribe to the Health News RSS feeds by copying and pasting the URLs below into your preferred RSS reader/aggregator:

MedlinePlus Health News (English):

MedlinePlus Health News (Spanish):

Assistance in Transition

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Recent discussions on many of our library related discussion lists have revolved around library closings and librarians losing their positions. I have spoken to more than one of our colleagues during this time. When asked, I have made some suggestions that they could use to seek future employment. I would like to share these tips with you and encourage you to use this opportunity to comment on this post adding suggestions of your own to assist our friends in their efforts to find new employment in these troubled economic times.

Obtain a free email account and subscribe to, and MEDLIB-L@LIST.UVM.EDU to remain abreast of upcoming trends, educational opportunities and job announcements. The Midwest Chapter discussion list requires active membership. 

Consider making immediate use of alumni and professional association avenues.  If you attend a meeting, remember there are often job clinics of one kind or another offered during the conference. Here are some online options:

ALA – Joblist

SLA – Career Center

MLA – Career Development

Top 10 Social Sites for Finding a Job

Digital Collections in the NLM History of Medicine Division

Monday, June 15th, 2009

At the MLA meeting in Hawaii, Sheldon Kotzin announced that Estelle Brodman’s 1954 edition of The Development of Medical Bibliography is now available digitally at:

The digital collection in the NLM History of Medicine Division has many interesting works that might be on interest to librarians, historians, or anyone seeking to understand the past: For example, you can go to Turning the Pages Online to view rare books such as Robert Hooke’s Micrographia.

Teachers of history of health sciences courses will find this collection essential.

Wyoming Symposium for Health Information Professionals

Monday, June 15th, 2009

The NN/LM Midcontinental Region has scheduled a Symposium for July 15, 16, & 17 in Laramie, Wyoming, at the Coe Library on the University of Wyoming campus. In keeping with the slogan Plowing Through Pandemonium: Proactive Librarians the NN/LM staff and others will be presenting topics on emergency preparedness. Joe Moore, Director of Wyoming Department of Homeland Security, will be the special speaker at this event. Librarians and representatives of community-based organizations will also be brainstorming how to partner for emergencies.

For more information and registration please visit the webpage: or contact Jim Honour jhonour at

MLA ’09 Posters Available for Your Viewing Pleasure

Friday, June 12th, 2009

There were many wonderful posters shown at the Medical Library Association conference held in Hawaii this year.  They are now available online for you to view.  Trapeze Media Solutions has partnered with MLA to digitize the posters and put them online. The posters are even searchable! If you’d like to see what posters librarians from our region and beyond have done, please take a look at the visual display below.  Move your mouse along the display to move the images.  You can use your scroll wheel to zoom in and out.  (If you are having trouble viewing this display, make sure you ahve the most recent version of the Flash Player installed on your machine, available at:  Otherwise you can go here to see them:

The Social Life of Health Information

Friday, June 12th, 2009

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has released the results from a survey this week on the way people are seeking out health information.  Before the advent of podcasts, widespread use of the Internet, the public used traditional means to locate health information.  Visits to the doctor, phone calls to health professionals or trusted friends were the norm.  While these methods are still being used today, the landscape has been altered quite a bit and people have many more options.  What do we do with the information we find online? Do we take that information to our health professionals to augment the discussion? Do we simply trust what we find online and become “armchair physicians?”  The survey results refer to the more technologically integrated health seekers as ‘e-patients.’


Information Booth at Spring Into Health and Fitness Fair

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

GMR BlueChristine Frank
Library of Rush University Medical Center
Chicago, IL

Library and McCormick Educational Technology (METC) staff volunteered their services at Rush’s Spring Into Health and Fitness Fair sponsored by held at the west side Chicago Christian Industrial League on May 16th. Linda Ronan and Chris Frank staffed a health information table, providing an array of consumer health pamphlets from the National Library of Medicine and the Medical Library Association. The pamphlets were funded with Federal funds from the National Library of Medicine Department of Health and Human Services, Under Contract No. N01-LM-6-35-3 with the University of Illinois at Chicago. With their laptop computer and printer, Linda and Chris also answered specific health information questions through quality consumer health information Internet sites, including National Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus (

Wow! A Pow Wow

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

GMR Blue
Fran Kovach
Reference & Education Librarian
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
Springfield, IL

On June 5-7, 2009 Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Library participated in the 4th Annual Taylorville Black Horse Pow Wow in Taylorville, Illinois at the Christian County Fairgrounds. People came from the Christian and Sangamon county areas, as well as other cities in Illinois. Others attending were from the states of Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. The Tribes/Nations represented Apache, Blackfeet, Cherokee, Catawba, Cree, Kiowa, Mohawk, Meskwaki, Navajo, Ogalala, Oneida, Ponka, and Sioux. (more…)

How to Fund EFTS

Monday, June 8th, 2009

The Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) is a transaction based electronic billing system for interlibrary-loan and document delivery. The system eliminates the need for the participating library to write checks or create invoices between EFTS members.  The system becomes more efficient the more DOCLINE libraries that join. It is for this reason that we would like to assist our DOCLINE libraries with the opportunity to participate in the system.

If you are a Net Borrower you can make use of the Electronic Fund Transfer System Award currently being offered by the Greater Midwest Region office.  If you are a Net Lender the EFTS office has made it easier to participate in the system.


Upcoming NTCC Classes: PubMed, TOXNET, NLM Gateway, and

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

The National Training Center and Clearinghouse offers full day courses in PubMed and TOXNET, plus a half-day class in NLM Gateway and  Several classes are coming soon to our region:

PubMed – July 20th and 22nd in Detroit, MI, and October 19th in Maywood, IL
NLM Gateway/ – October 20th in Maywood, IL
TOXNET® and Beyond – July 21st in Detroit MI, and October 21st in Maywood, IL

For class details and registration information