The Cornflower

The Cornflower, the blog of the Greater Midwest Region (GMR) of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM), is the latest evolution in our newsletter communication tools. After having a print and then an online newsletter for a number of years, the GMR transitioned to a blog or weblog. The Cornflower is a great tool to keep current with NLM and GMR news. Stay on top with the latest information about consumer health, outreach, DOCLINE, technology and more. To access previous newsletters, ESources and 3Sources contact the GMR via email: GMR-LIB@UIOWA.EDU.

For the latest updates, add the following URL to your feed reader:

The GMR Email Address

The GMR's general email address is GMR-LIB@UIOWA.EDU. It is not a replacement for the GMR discussion list, GMRLIST. It is the address for network members and others to send email messages to the GMR office. Email correspondence sent to GMR-LIB@UIOWA.EDU will be received by the GMR staff and responded to as soon as possible.

Email Lists

  • GMRLIST is an email announcement list from the NN/LM Greater Midwest Region (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin).

    The GMR staff uses the GMRLIST as a mechanism to communicate news about the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) products and services such as PubMed®, MedlinePlus®, DOCLINE®,, etc., and to announce funding opportunities from both the GMR office and NLM. It is also used to announce regional meetings, educational offerings, post jobs, ask for volunteers for regional activities such as exhibits, and to increase knowledge of and participation in NLM and GMR sponsored projects.

    GMR staff maintains and moderates the list. Network members may post to the list with GMR approval. If you wish to post to the list, send an email as you would like to see it published, with appropriate subject line, directly to The GMR staff reviews the messages that are sent out to the list as well as subscription requests in an attempt to prevent spam and other unwanted postings. Commercial postings and advertisements are prohibited.

    To sign up for GMRLIST, see LISTSERV® Software and Commands below.

    To contact the GMR office directly with questions or comments, please send an email to GMR-LIB@UIOWA.EDU, our office email address. Messages sent to GMR4U are sent to GMR staff and not the LISTSERV.

  • Other email discussion groups are hosted by the GMR for health information professionals in the region. Contact the GMR for more information about GMR list hosting.

GMR Update

The GMR prepares and publishes a quarterly (or sooner in emergent situations) document of service and resource updates, known as the GMR Update. GMR staff use the GMR Update at local, state and association meetings to bring members up-to-date on regional activities of the GMR office. The document is available in HTML formats for easy review and printing by network members.

When referring to the GMR Update, please be sure to have the most recent edition by checking the website for the current dated version. For questions or comments about the GMR Update or to request GMR staff to present it at a meeting, please connect with your GMR state coordinator; see Staff Directory and Contact Information.

Social Media

GMR Twitter
Connect with the GMR via social media. We can be found on Facebook, the site with over 1.18 billion monthly active users, as well as Twitter. Our Twitter handle is @nnlmgmr.

On Facebook, we post items we hope that are of interest to the members of the GMR, including updates on databases, new exhibits from the NLM, available classes, as well as health information technology. Some of our tweets are about similar topics. We do not want to saturate our various communication methods with the same information; however, we have discovered that not every organization has access to the same communication methods. (e.g. blocking of Facebook in hospitals). "Like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

LISTSERV® Software and Commands

  • To subscribe to GMRLIST, send the command SUBSCRIBE GMRLIST BARACK OBAMA to LISTSERV@UIC.EDU, replacing "Barack Obama" with your first and last name. The command, SUBSCRIBE GMRLIST [YOUR NAME] becomes the text of the email; leave the subject line blank.
  • To send a message to everyone on GMRLIST, send your note to GMRLIST@UIC.EDU. Do not send list commands to GMRLIST@UIC.EDU.
  • When replying to messages received on GMRLIST, please check the "To" address in your reply. If your note is personal in nature, do not send your reply to GMRLIST@UIC.EDU. Sending a reply to GMRLIST@UIC.EDU broadcasts the message to the entire list.
  • List commands should be sent to LISTSERV@UIC.EDU. For example, to unsubscribe from GMRLIST, send the command UNSUBSCRIBE GMRLIST to LISTSERV@UIC.EDU.
  • If you have any questions about email discussion groups hosted by the GMR, please contact us at GMR-LIB@UIOWA.EDU.