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Recent Funded Projects

Title Description Amount Dates
Arizona Outreach (2016-2019) This project focuses on key health priorities couched in the framework of social determinants of health that contribute to health disparities in Arizona communities.
Funding Amount: 
2018 to 2019
Resources and Services for Community Health Nursing Clinics Across the State of Nevada To support community health nurses across the State of Nevada by providing instruction and promotion of freely available health information, with a focus on National Library of Medicine (NLM) resource
Funding Amount: 
2018 to 2019
Community Health Outreach: Health in the Hi-Line The objective of "Health in the Hi-Line" event is to expose the Hill County community and students to different fields in Healthcare.
Funding Amount: 
Medical Data and Me Community Awareness Medical Data and Me Community Awareness Project: Project partners will plan and develop a series of interactive educational programs to inform and engage the community in related activities and resear
2017 to 2018
Partner Outreach 2019-2020: University of Illinois at Chicago Library for the Health Sciences - Peoria Serve as a partner outreach library, offering training and promotion of NLM resources on behalf of the GMR.
Is Your WebLitLegit? Helping Teens Discern Health Information Truth from Trash on the Internet WebLitLegit aims to teach teens to obtain reliable, usable health information from the Internet.
Funding Amount: