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SurveyMonkey software application meets federal accessibility guidelines

Someone recently asked me if SurveyMonkey forms are accessible to those with functional limitations and disabilities. In fact, SurveyMonkey received Section 508 certification in June 2008. According to the company’s Web site, they are the only commercial online survey application that has this certification.

While SurveyMonkey software automatically formats surveys to be accessible, there are a few practices that we need to follow to make sure SurveyMonkey questionnaires are user-friendly with screen-readers and other visual technologies. For instance, don’t add extra html coding to your questionnaire (e.g., to bold-face or italicize words) because screen-readers may read parts of html coding as text. Also, SurveyMonkey’s default color schemes are configured for maximum contrast to help low-vision users. Creating your own color schemes may make your forms less readable for this population. You can find more tips from SurveyMonkey for creating screen-reader friendly forms at this link.

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Last updated on Monday, June 27, 2016

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