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SurveyMonkey Tutorial Videos

SurveyMonkey has recently introduced three short tutorial videos that are open to anyone to view, without need for passwords or logging in. Their plan is to introduce more videos over the upcoming months. (These videos, by the way, are really nice examples of how Camtasia can be used)

These first three tutorials demonstrate the following areas of SurveyMonkey:

A lot of what these videos cover will already be known to those who have used SurveyMonkey, but they can serve as a good resource for classes or for introducing newbie colleagues to the resource. I did learn some very useful items from the tutorials, though, such as:

  • the difference between the “exactly one” and “at least one” settings for multiple-choice questions
  • how to use rating questions to force respondents to rank their choices
  • the bad news about what happens when respondents leave a SurveyMonkey survey uncompleted and return to it later

(…and that bad news is that the information about the partially-completed survey is cookie-dependent, stored by the web browser on the respondent’s computer. To go back and complete a survey, the respondent must be using the same browser on the same computer–and not have cleared the cookies!)

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Last updated on Monday, June 27, 2016

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