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Toolkit’s Greatest Hits

Our informal tracking of toolkit pages accessed most frequently over the past months shows that people are finding and (hopefully) using the resources that the toolkit is intended to provide.  We’re happy to report that the Sample Disaster Plans page is the most frequently-visited one, followed by Library Disaster StoriesAbout the NN/LM Plan, Toolkit Tutorials, and Service Continuity Training/10 Steps

In the interest of continuing to develop the depth and currency of the resources we provide, we’d like to ask that if any of our users have completed their own disaster plans and would like to share them with others, please send them to one of us (Susan at or Dan at and we will link them to the Sample Disaster Plans page. ( Before you send your plan, please remove anything confidential or sensitive in nature.)  Here at the UVa Health Sciences Library, we’ve just completed an update of our Emergency Preparedness & Response Plan, including some new information as well as some revised sections.  The plan has been linked in place of the former version on the Sample Disaster Plans page.

So let us know how you are faring in your emergency preparedness activities, send along any questions you have, and keep those hits coming!

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