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Info from the CDC for Haiti Caregivers

The following page provided by the CDC gives a glimpse, from a different perspective from what is available via the media, of what conditions are like in Haiti.  As an example of how to help people be prepared to deal with a disaster, it is comprehensive yet to-the-point.  The information is updated daily.  Please see “Guidance for Relief Workers and Others Traveling to Haiti for Earthquake Response” at

Another aspect of this disaster that becomes clear from reading this preparedness document is that this earthquake, as have other natural disasters, has left in its wake almost every other type of emergency imaginable, from health-related (injuries, infections, death, sanitation), through environmental (insects, airborne infectious agents, unstable buildings, impassable roadways), toxic/hazmat incidents (broken water, gas and chemical pipes, mold growth), to violent incidents arising from the effects of the devastation in the area.

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